Film: 1442

Entertainment + Leisure | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Redcar. Holidays on the seashore.
' Our Holiday Suggestions Pool' packed beach with umbrellas, sun chairs and sea cars ( boats with wheels) pulled up on the sand, no bathing suits visible everyone is in their normal clothes, a crowd on the promenade. The beach covered in seaweed, people walk along the shore, the long pier going out into the sea with the pavilion at the end of it.
The 'Sea cars', a boat with wheels on it and motorised!! It drives into the sea, little children run after it. One of the sea cars drives out of the sea.

A pavilion on the Esplanade, where bands play, it is very crowded, the gazebo, with the instruments, then the long pier in the background. Closer view, the crowd, a girl with a funny hat on, the conductor with his back to us conducts the orchestra, A motor car passes, another car parked, with a street performer dressed as a courtier plays the banjo.
A game of clock golf, a white circle on the grass, both men and women putting with their golf clubs. Lawn bowling. Doubles lawn tennis, several courts, mixed players. View of the courts from the other side of a small garden pond. Many children wade in the wading pool, the water only up to their ankles, parents stand on the edges watching. The golf links, rather crowded. Pageant with King, Queen and Britannia and men with caricature masks on. A parade with a marching band. Policemen on horses, an old fashioned carriage, with the pageant people on it in their wigs. Tall roller coaster, the crowd at the bottom, most of whom are watching it. The same carriage with the pageant people. Garlands of flowers and a marching band, the 'king and queen' draped with jewels walk about poncily. The pageant people on the roller coaster. The band plays, they all have bizarre animal masks on. The pageant performers come down the 'Mountain glide' one of the funfair rides. The crowd outside the River Caves, another amusement park ride, a woman is wheeled around in her wheelchair. The River Caves rides a boy makes a face on the platform. The pageant performers, come out of the tunnel in one of the small boats on the ride. The Giant Racer, Big Dipper roller coaster climbs up the tall, wooden hill, the roller coaster climbs. From the bottom, the roller coaster goes up a steep slope. From the top of the ride the roller coaster goes around and down the track, sign 'warning! Mind your hats!' Point of view from the roller coaster car.

Fireworks display.

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