Film: 1444

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China 1900 - 1920
Scenes from Chinese life at the beginning of the century including rural life with peasants working in the paddy fields, irrigating the land with an ancient water wheel. Workers on the Yangtze ? River and the Grand Canal. Boats on the canals, men load and unload the junks, the aftermath of an unidentified riot and civil unrest and a woman cries over the body of a dead man killed in the riots, perhaps the boxer Rebellion but more likely, the action of a local warlord. The funeral of a mandarin, a long procession of religious and funerary objects carried by the family and mourners though the streets.

German: Rice or paddy field from a moving boat; person can be seen turning an irrigation wheel. Buffalo turning wheel for irrigation. Junks on a river or canal. Logs being unloaded. camels and donkeys carrying enormous loads - could be in Tibet.
The Great Wall of China. People eating outside. Rows of corpses followed by woman crying over a body. A corpse being put into a large coffin - large crowds all around.
(Crowds watch as man, Boxer, is decapitated and head is placed on stake - reconstruction).
A busy Peking street - rickshaws, handcarts, camels, horses. A Chinese man cutting a woman's hair, making shoes and a wealthy Chinese woman smoking. Bridge over canal. Men eating rice out of bowls from outside kitchen.
Large junk with sail being manoeuvred out of harbour. Funeral of mandarin - enormous procession with flags, garlands, models.
Modern China (reconstruction)
Man sits and reads outside - says goodbye to wife and daughter. The latter two return in distress and are followed by baton - wielding Chinese men. The white man attempts to fight them off but is saved by British troops in the nick of time.
Peking and its Environs:
France 1909
Duplicate of corpses and coffin scene.

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