Film: 1448

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Invasion of Russia as seen from the German side during World War Two.

German newsreel record of the first stages of the invasion of the USSR (Russia) in June 1941. Russian Front.

A geographical map showing Eastern Europe in 1941. German soldiers. A bridge. A burning building. German cannons firing. German soldiers pulling down a high fence. German soldiers, one of which is carrying a flame thrower. A Soviet soldier is taken prisoner. A geographical map showing the advance of the German army towards the Soviet city of KOWMO. A cannon firing. German tanks. German soldiers firing cannons, mortars and machine guns. The burning ruins of a Soviet village. People waving their hats at the advancing German army. A raft in a river transporting German soldiers. City. German soldiers walking bicycles through the roads of KOWMO A map on which the advance of the Germans towards Durnaburg is shown with an arrow. The German army on the march. German soldier. In front of him a house is burning. A German tank. German soldiers riding horses through the streets of a burning Soviet village. A burning house collapses. German officers. German soldiers. Russian prisoners being searched. A ruined Russian bunker. A destroyed Russian tank. A burning city. German soldiers walking in a street where the houses are burning. The arrow on the map now pointing at Brest-Litovsk. Russian soldiers surrendering. Ruined city. German soldiers fighting in the city. Dead soldier on the ground. Russian prisoners marching. German planes flying. Close up of pilot. Bombs are dropped and the explosions can be seen. Planes. Bombs dropped. Soldiers marching. Close up of their boots. Hugh cannon firing. German STUKA aircraft diving and dropping bomb. A building is destroyed. German tank advancing through the mud. Two German planes dropping bombs. On the screen is written " Angriff auf Sowjetische Transpotzuge" [ Storming the Soviet transport system ] Explosions. Face of pleased German pilot. More explosions on what appears to be a railway track. More bombs. On the bottom of the screen is written "Bomben auf Einen Wichtigen Verkehrsknotenpunkt" [ The bombing of an important railway junction ] Aerial view of landscape. Writing says " Ein treibstofflager ist getroffen" [ a magazine of petrol is destroyed. ] Two German planes. An aerial view of smoky ground. German plane dropping bombs. Writing says " Angiff ein rustungswerk" [ storm over an ammunition factory ] German planes taking off. In the air. Close up of pilot. Aerial view of landscape. Planes. Explosions. Close up of soldier operating machine gun. Close up of pilot. Man with machine gun opens fire. Russian anti-aircraft guns fire. German pilot. Writing says " Angriff auf den zweiten feindjager" [ storm on the second enemy hunter ] Pilot in cockpit. Russian plane shot down.

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