Film: 1455

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Wild animal hunting in India. White hunters in pith helmets ride an elephant past a white building. Their hunt is sponsored by the Rajah. Elephant steered through large gate into Rajah's courtyard. Elephant sits and passengers get off and down a ladder. Large group of elephants in a row. Some have box-like saddle attachments (howdahs?) Indians and white hunters climb on elephants backs. Elephants proceed slowly into the jungle.

20 natives already in jungle acting as beaters. High pan around native villages - many huts with grass roofs. Villagers line up for camera. Narrator tells us "they are religious beings and wickedness is their creed" Apparently in this "Crow" tribe, they all must do a wicked deed every day, in the hope that they will be re-incarnated as crows. One villager waves a knife and laughs (not threateningly - probably because someone told him to). Pan around village women - some "remarkably good looking" women display their jewellery - mocked by the voice-over.

Cut back to hunting party. Elephants cross a river. Row of elephants in long grass. Elephant knocks over small tree with its trunk. Two tigers enter a clearing (possibly stock footage). Close up of tiger in grass. Tiger running (still probably stock shots - not taken at the same time as hunt footage). Elephant carries felled tree trunk. Repeat footage of tiger running. Tiger rests in long grass - narrator at this point says: "One of the tigers threatened us. It might be necessary to shoot". Elephants stationary and in a semicircle formation in the grass. Tiger snarling. Man on elephant's back fires rifle. Indians crowd round body of tiger.

Hunters on foot in jungle - they arrive at the side of a pre-dug pit. Tiger inside. Lion also in pit (looks quite old and confused). Hunters lying at side of hole, watching. Tiger attacks lion. Fight shot from above. Tiger tries to climb wall of pit and slides back down. Brutal fighting (growling and roaring dubbed on after?) Close up on tiger - collapses from exhaustion. Lion attacks again. Tiger collapses again. Tiger being hauled up pit wall by rope harness. It struggles feebly. Lion drinks.

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