Film: 1458

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Events of World War Two from 1944. Lots of battlefield action throughout.
Allies liberate France. Combat and German prisoners of war.
Eisenhower at the Arc De Triomphe.
Americans enter Germany. Good American combat and air attack scenes. Fighting in the snow and proceeding through flooded town.
Brussels liberated by British. Tanks drive over swastika which is then burned. Canadians and British enter Holland. Hundreds drop in by parachute. Beach landings.
Pope Pius blesses Allied soldiers at the Vatican.
Soviets enter Germany. Nazi POW's paraded through Moscow.
US versus Japanese in the Marianas.
MacArthur in the Philippines.
V1 rocket attacks on Britain. Some shot down.
Roosevelt beats Dewey in American election. Ticker tape parade.

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