Film: 1463

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Spanish Civil War And China / Japan war in 1938.
General Franco and his troops attacking a city, possibly Barcelona. Japanese troops attacking Hangkow.

General Franco stands with a group of senior officers. They wear soft, beret like hats with a metal emblem on the front. He listens as the man to his right explains something, then he raises his hands as he begins to speak.

A canon is rolled across a bridge which connects to a town nestled below a hill. Franco's insurgent army ride past on horseback. The soldiers have rifles and what looks like sleeping bags/tents and a lot of other gear strapped to the side of their horses. A long shot of smoke rising from a recently bombed part of a city, possibly Barcelona. A shot of a bombed building, completely wrecked and reduced to rubble. The wood used in its construction is burning. Soldiers run down a street strewn with bodies and rubble. Possibly Franco's men. The soldiers at the front of the charge fall to the ground, to prepare to shoot. Soldiers run with rifles at the ready. They have bayonets attached to the end of the rifles. The soldiers run down a rubble strewn street.

A cannon is fired as the men manning it step back as it fires. Smoke rises as the shot hits an already smouldering city. A man pulls a piece of rope attached to the cannon and it fires again. The cannon is roughly 20 feet long. The city smoulders as plumes of white smoke rise.

Three fighter aircraft fly past. Smoke billows from a Chinese port city, Hangchow (?) as it has recently been hit by bombs. The city is divided by a bridge. Helmeted Japanese soldiers storm up a rise, rifles at the ready, bayonets on. They run into a burning village and past a stone and thatch house. A Japanese soldier carries another away from the action on his back. Around them is a city in ruins. Rubble lies all over the streets as soldiers run for cover. A large wooden barrel is knocked over by the leg of soldier being carried. The other soldiers wear backpacks and have spades attached to the back of those. Two soldiers run through rubble and a large wooden door. The one in front has a rifle at the ready, while the man behind him has a handgun. They run past a burning building. Japanese soldiers huddle against wood and brick buildings on either side of a rubble and straw filled road. Further down the road something explodes. A biplane flies overhead. An old Japanese flag (Red circle in centre with radiating red rays off the circle) flies as troops run over a grassy mound. An explosion goes off in the distance. A Japanese bomber drops bombs. A huge explosion in buildings of a city as they find their mark. Aerial shot of hundreds of people running down the street in A Chinese city, trying to get away from the bombs. A woman carries a baby as she walks quickly away from a devastated wood and thatch village in the background. Chinese soldiers walk past. One is holding up a large wooden beam. A man carries an injured woman on his back while he also carries a short wooden pole with two woven baskets attached.

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