Film: 1470

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


World War Two 1942.
'Yanks Fighting Around Globe'. Deck of U.S troop ship. Map of the world showing Ireland. American soldiers marching along a muddy track in combat gear. Map of the world showing China. United States airmen boarding Kittyhawk fighters. Close up of Kittyhawk nose cone as propeller spins. Kittyhawks in flight. Airman or pilot in cockpit chewing gum. Colonel Scott observing flight in action.
Map of India. Americans disembarking. Medium shots of young servicemen posing for the camera.
'Japs Bomb Alaska'. Map shows Aleutian Islands. Wreckage of town following a raid. Troops in landing craft. Jeep rolls off craft. Supplies piled on beach.
'US Marines Battle Japs in Pacific'. Map shows Solomon Islands. Naval guns firing. Close up of loading procedure. Marines hitting the beach. Enemy positions ablaze. Japanese writing on palm trunk. Japanese soldiers being taken prisoner. Marines raising the Stars and Stripes.
'Battle of the Atlantic'. Medium shot of a Catalina aircraft in flight. Close up of bombs being discharged. Aerial shot of ship on fire. Same ship filmed from alongside.
'Russia's Heroic Stand'. Russian troops leaving trench. Battles scenes including guns being brought up, explosions, a machine gunner, a T34 tank, a sniper picking off Germans. German corpses. German prisoners of war. Churchill in Moscow meeting with Stalin.
'Brazil Wars on Axis'. Aerial shot of Rio De Janeiro. Speakers gesticulating in public. Crowds cheering.
'Canadians Raid Dieppe'. Landing craft making way to shore. Artillery in action. Canadian troops and vehicles hitting the beach. Bombers in action. Close up of bomb leaving bomb bay of aircraft. Aerial shot of explosions. Canadian wounded returning to England.
'Prelude to Second Front'. Flight of Boston bomber aircraft heading for France. Bomb aimer in his cupola. Aerial tracking shot of aircraft homing in. Aerial view of bombers casting shadows on the land below. Track over German town and munition factories. Bomb leaving bomb bay and explosion and shockwaves on the ground.
'Midway Battle' (Filmed by John Ford). Officer on U.S. aircraft carrier directing air traffic. Douglas Dauntless fighters leaving deck. American gunners loading and firing ships artillery. Japanese ships and aircraft stricken and sinking. US officer observing hits through binoculars. Heavy duty machine gun firing at Japanese aircraft. Close ups of marine gunners in manhole. Planes descending in flames. Red Cross personnel or medics attending the wounded. Oil tanks on fire. Billowing black smoke. 'Stars and Stripes' flag being raised over destroyed oil complex. Flag billowing heroically amidst smoke and flames.

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