Film: 1471

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Set in the 1940's (aprox) this film depicts the life of a quaint English fishing village
(probably the Cornish fishing village of Mousehole). Where the men fish and the women wash and cook.

Rocky coast lines, waves splashing against the rocks. Aerial shot of the rocky coast line. Aerial shot of a very small coastal village. On the beach, men attending to fishing boats. Fishing boats lined up, Moored on beach. A larger coastal fishing village, with a more pronounced harbour, Mousehole in Cornwall. A map of the coastal village, emphasising the significance of a 'harbour'. The same coastal fishing village, but from a different perspective. A small cottage, one man leaves while two men are about to enter a man leaving another cottage. A man walking down old cobble steps, while an walks up the steps. The harbour. Another man leaving his cottage. He walks down a small cobbled street, and turns into a small doorway. Inside a basement of some sort, the fisherman picks up a large crab pot and leaves the basement. Out side the fisherman and his crab pot walks down the harbour. The fishermen walking down to the harbour steps, about to board his small wooden fishing boat. The boat on the water, hoisting the sails, about to leave the harbour.

Outside a small white house, a women appears to be brushing a small rug, a young girl leaves the house with a satchel in her hand. The girl with the satchel runs up to the school, closing the school gate behind her. A quaint village church. Stained glass window of (I think) Jesus and some fishermen. At the harbour, four men and a young boy are sorting out fishing nets. Close up of fishing nets being pulled out of a boat and on to the harbour for drying. A large harbour wall with the fishing nets hung over it to dry. Men placing nets over the wall. The nets hanging from the wall. A young boy with a cigarette in his mouth is sorting out the fishing nets at the bottom of the harbour wall, so they don’t get caught. 'while the men are hanging out the nets, their wives are hanging out the washing, a woman's work id never done'. A woman hanging out washing to dry, near the harbour. A woman leaving a shop with a full shopping bag, walking up cobbled streets. At the harbour front, a horse and cart go by as well as some fishermen. The women with her shopping walking through the town. She walks into another shop. A shopkeeper walks out of the shop and pucks up some carrots, close up f the carrots. A large gardening patch that reaches down to the sea. Map of the same coastal village, the map changes colour in regards to what is or isn't fertile land.

Three fishermen at sea. The fisherman pulling in his crab pot, puling out crabs from his pot. The fisherman still emptying is pot. Close up of hand in crab pot, placing the crabs in a basket in the boat. A woman looking out of a window, overlooking the harbour. The fisherman rowing back ion to the harbour. ' The fisherman has returned to the harbour and after a long row home, his wife knows he'll be ready for good meal'. Woman in the kitchen preparing the stove. Young girl with her satchel walking home form school along the harbour. The fisherman inside at the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea.

The 'pilchard' fishermen leaving their cottage. The two men walk towards the harbour. The pilchard fishermen walking down the harbour steps to there boats. A man tying rope around a boat mast. A man putting his fishermen jumper on. A man going into the ships hull. A man untying the moored boat. The boat slowly leave the harbour. Two fisher boats leaving the harbour. Close up of boat leaving the harbour. The fisherman inside his house, still drinking his tea, looking out his window towards the harbour. Three boats a sea. Close up of boat moving along at sea. The sun setting at sea, boats are almost silhouettes against the sun. a silhouetted boat moving along the sea. A man hoisting up the sails. The boat with its sail up at sea. The men casting out there pilchard nets. Close up of nets. Men still casting out there nets. A circle with all the months of the year written around it, the circle is against a black background, in the middle of the circle are cartoon pictures of various fish, different months are highlighted and different fish appear in the circle, mackerel, pilchard, crabs, herring and flat fish all appear in the middle of he circle.

At night the pilchard fishermen are hauling in their nets. Close up of pilchards caught in nets. A fisherman on the boast hauling in the fishing nets. The pilchard nets being laid down inside the bait. The pilchard boats returning to the harbour. Inside a house window is open and the a view of the harbour in the early morning can be seen. Boats entering the harbour. Pilchards being removed by hand from the nets. A fishermen arranging the nets on the boats, close up of hands picking off the pilchards. The pilchards being thrown into a basket. Close up of hands picking pilchards. The pilchards are divided in to heaps of and put into baskets. Close up of pilchards in a basket. A man hauling the full baskets up to the quay side. A man at the top of the quay side collecting the full baskets. Five or six men on the boat pilchard picking out of the nets. Montage of pilchard picking. The baskets of fish being emptied into boxes. Ice is packed into the boxes to keep the fish fresh. Fishermen walking away from the harbour. Close up of a man putting a lid on to the fish boxes. Two men stacking boxes onto a lorry. The fishermen collecting their pay. The lorries are now packed full with fish boxes. A train moving past. The pilchard fishermen returning home, while the crab fisherman leaves for work. A long shot of the harbour.

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