Film: 1472

Personalities | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Actors Henry Edwards and Chrissie White are given a rapturous reception at Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.
"These famous film stars who are appearing nightly at the theatre in their new play The Man Who Came Home who are also taking scenes for their new screen play in lovely Leamington"
A street in Leamington Spa just outside the Pump Room a colonnaded neo-classical building, a woman on a bicyle is chased by a dog, tram lines and streetlamps, as an open topped car pulls into view and a small crowds waits, the car does an awkward turn into the crowd as other bicycles and cars pass by and crowd shifts out of the way as it can, the car comes to stop and the people move forward.
" A royal welcome is accorded them at the Pump Room by the mayor (councillor GW Hawkins) and the mayoress who presents Miss Chrissie White with a bouquet."
In the middle of the crowd we just see a cloched lady with flowers shaking hands with the mayor, some of the crowd are interested in the camera.
" The mayor's speech of welcome on the balcony"
The balcony of the Pump Room shot from below, the crowd cheer and wave their hats, we see lots of people on the balcony as well.
"Henry Edwards replies that he and his wife are deeply conscience of the honour done them and return cordial thanks"
A similar shot of the pump room frontage with crowds above and below.
" A visit to Jephson gardens"
Opposite the Pump Room, we see the tall pillar and gate house of the gardens, and crowd with the film star walk towards them., they turn to look back at the pump room, and walk on, we now see the stars a bit better. Signing autographs, CW and HE stand by a fountain and two girls come up to them with autograph books to sign, they sign. CW and HE walk by some pamphus grass near a lake.
"Joe Plants himself in the group and is led in by Mr Watson Mill the popular local owner"
Two men, one very short seems to cause laughter, shake hands with the couple.
" Away location hunting"
Back outside the Pump room, CW and HE drive off in their car.
"Warwick is visited" The car drives though the city gate of Warwick, stops next to a saluting man in uniform. Close up of the cars occupants, the man talks to the uniform, he may be a policeman or AA man as he points direction, the car leaves.
" A lovely corner is much admired" the car is stopped outside some old houses CW with flowers and HE gets out to have a look, they come into close up
" A halt for lunch at Stratford-on-Avon"
The car driving down a street stops outside a half timbered inn, the manager greets them. Close up of shaking hands with manager.
" After lunch the cameraman was too unsteady to continue but the artistes were in time at the stage door for their first performance after having thoroughly enjoyed a Warwickshire Welcome"
A jolly group, including CW and HE laugh together.

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