Film: 1473

Politics | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A social information film with Norwich as its subject; about what in the community rate payer's money is spent on, and how the rates are worked out. 1940's

Voice -Over (V.O) accompanies the action

Panorama of Norwich.
A smart row of town houses. A smart man walks along the pavement and stops outside one, as a young girl with plaits runs out. She hands him a letter. ( ' is a man studying his demand note').
Point of view shot of a rates letter showing text and amounts.
Exterior, Norwich City Hall. Steps leading up to hall and people arriving. Busy street scene behind -bike, car, people. Interior. Lobby and entrance of City Hall.
Close-up of entrance sign showing long list of departments/city services and their location in the building. (V.O) describes the different social services that taxes are spent on.
Exterior. A school building. Teachers stand at entrance as schoolgirls in uniform arrive and go in. Long shot of school.
'The Norman Castle'(- 'used as a museum, is maintained by the rates….') in the distance. Rooftops in front. Interior of castle, stone column, flags, balcony, glass exhibition cases, people entering. Close-up of children and teacher crowding around glass case and looking inside.
Exterior. Street scene with brick wall and gate. Several girls walk along. A policeman in uniform stops them at the curb, hold the traffic and lets them cross.
Exterior. Public Library. Busy road with traffic and traffic policeman. Interior of library- several people reading at tables. High shelving filled with books. Two women talk and look at a book. Library notice: ' the public is allowed free access to these reference books'.
Exterior. Large grand building. A garden in front, with nurses and patients in wheelchairs /sitting on the grass, talking and relaxing.( '..council runs several hospitals and it is also concerned with the care of the aged..'). Close-up-two old men in wheelchairs, legs covered by blankets. A nurse stands and talks to them, smiling.

Long shot of grand old house and large front lawn. Pond is visible and cars on drive. ( 'and here is the maternity home..'). Three women sit under tree; one with small child on lap, one taking baby from pram. Close-up- Smiling mother bouncing her baby on her lap.
('…then there is the question of housing..') Pan along row of half-built houses. Work in progress. Building site- man mixing cement, rubble, stacked up baths.(' estates means new roads..'). Long empty streets with smart, clean rows of identical housing.
Road with few trees and small unreadable sign by the side. ('..and the maintenance of old roads is expensive too..').
Dustbin men collect rubbish from front gardens and take to the truck.('..another important job paid for by the rates..'). They empty the bins into the truck. The truck drives off down the road.
Men work in the road, pulling together on a rope. They wear rubber trousers.('..the cleanliness of the city sewers is essential..').
Typed information list is shown. 'General Rate Estimates'.(V.O explains how the rates are worked out). Fun cartoon images appear next to the list to illustrate the areas that are funded by the rates.
('..let us consider the expenditure on parks..'). Interior; A man sits at a desk, pipe in mouth while colleague hands him documents. They are working. Close-up; A notebook with figures and a hand holding a pen moves down the page. The man consults a notebook, picks up the phone and talks.(V.O explains process of allocating funds- what equipment is needed ,what is lacking etc. Visits are made by assistants to the parks) Exterior. Two men meet in a busy park. One points around, showing things to the other man. A man is gardening a flower bed, another man joins him and they talk. Close-up. One looks and writes things down in a notebook, he is chewing.
Interior. Same office and 'Parks Superintendent' at desk. A standing man shows him a notebook.(V.O -'..foreman considers this suggestion and puts to the superintendent..). Close-up of log book( 'parks and gardens estimates') with amounts etc. hand holding pencil, writes 'purchase of bulbs- £850'.
Cartoon image diagram as before with amounts appearing next to each picture ('each committee estimates..sums of money..for the current year..'). The total figure appears in the centre.
Row of houses in a street.
Cartoon illustration of different sized houses and their different property values. Sum is calculated showing percentages and housing rates. An cartoon letter is shown with the amount needed, being delivered to a house.
Interior. A mature man sits at a desk with papers. Close-up of a cheque as it is signed. The man fold it up and puts it in an envelope.
Exterior. An attractive terraced house with wooden arch over front door and wooden picket fence. A young girl leaves the house with a letter and runs into the street. A street corner. The girl runs into shot, up to a post box and posts the letter.
Close-up. Typed list with figures.
Cartoon illustration of map of Norwich with compass and scale. Pictures appear representing each 'service' that the '..rates pay for..' and their location.
Panorama of Norwich City, showing possibly Norwich Cathedral.

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