Film: 1475

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie of Wick Harbour 1930's

Wick is a fishing port in the far north of Scotland. Bright sun lit day. Small fishing craft arrive at the port. People wait on the quay to see the arrival. Views of the harbour with the fleet in from the fishing grounds, tied up. Fish, mostly herring is loaded into baskets in the hold and craned up to the quay side where it is sorted and placed in barrels. Men in suits and ties inspect and probably price the catch. Fish is tipped from wicker baskets into metal containers. In the open air women sort and fillet the catch and slice the fish probably removing the heads. They pack the fish into barrels with salt. Coalmen unloading bags of coal and loading them on to the fishing boats. A small fishing boat sets off out to sea, mobbed by flocks of sea-gulls. The end.

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