Film: 1481

Medicine | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Electric shock treatment of schizophrenia
Probably Friern Barnet Hospital, north London. Mental asylum.
Schizophrenia. Old fashioned crude methods of mental health treatment.
Hypoglycaemic induction of coma. Shots of medical apparatus. Nurse enters data into book. Row of drowsy patients in beds. Man sweats profusely. Men grimace, people salivate, restlessness, patients squirm in 'padded beds'. Taking pulses, shaking and slapping patients. Corneal reflex, grasping reflex, twitching of facial muscles, twitching of limbs, sucking of doctor's finger, Babinski (foot) test, flexing and extension spasms, laryngeal spasms, depression of reflexes. Nasal reeding of glucose to terminate coma (testing for gastric juice with litmus). Intravenous feeding. Patient recovers, fumbles with slice of bread.
E.C.T. electric shock treatment. Shots of apparatus, cleaning of temples with spirit, Female patient convulses on the table. Occupational therapy, basket-weaving, embroidery for women, man throw footballs to each other, man is given 'the bumps', men do sit-ups, butlins-style exercises. Women dig allotment, men play. Football, young man talks to therapist.

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