Film: 1486

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Shanghai in Imperial China 1930's

Shanghai harbour, lots of junks and row boats, people moving goods between boats, bales of cotton on the docks and barrels of oil and kerosene. Busy streets rickshaw drivers, the cerma (eh?) man's feet looking out of a rickshaw at the drivers back. Bicycles and cars mixed in with the traffic. A shoemaker makes a pair of wooden sandals for a child. A letter writer/scribe writes a letter for a woman. Good shot of his hand holding the brush and writing Chinese characters. Black market, women shop for purses at stalls, men look for shoes, lots of shoppers on the crowded street. A woman opens her purse at a stall. A man counts money out behind a wicket, folded bills in bundles with elastic. More crowded streets. Coolies haul a river barge up the river against the current, very slave like in their plodding steps. Men haul logs and poles through the crowded streets. Exterior of a cinema, people mill around outside. A billboard advertisement for Kismet with Marlene Dietrich. A lavish theatre production, the actors on the stage move around. Men have a stage fight with poles. Couples sit at tables, a conductor conducts the orchestra. Couples get up and dance ( some very good dancers too!) using a different hand hold. A queue. A railway station with a train at the platform, people wait on the platform, there are people sitting on the top of the train. People eat bowls of Rice. People sleeping on the street pavement. Peasants in carts with all their goods and those flat straw hats that field workers wear walk on dirt roads. A sick person carried on a litter. The harbour side street of Shanghai.

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