Film: 1491

Industry + Work | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Gas industry and gas as a "clean" fuel and energy source. 1930's - lovely shots of pollution and belching chimneys

Steel works, aircraft construction, coal mining, coal truck and conveyors, chimneys belching smoke, coal from the basement, cleaning or blacking the stove, building up the range, chimney sweeps at work. Soot on laundry on the line on the roof, a woman tries to dust it off with her hand. Huge laundry at work, all women. Window cleaners, building damage, smog. Children playing football and hopscotch in the street. Medical check ups for children, walking in smog, producing coke, paraffin, gas, a gas oven, smokeless fuel, modern blocks of flats with heating and cooking with gas. Aerial shot of London including Saint Paul's cathedral. Also includes Shell Mex House, Kensal House, Roundhay Estate, Leeds, housing in East End.

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