Film: 1492

Places + Locations | 1900 | Sound | B/W


Europe, Paris, France at the turn of the century, c.1900 - 1910. Cafes
La Belle Epoque. Windmill exterior of the Moulin Rouge cabaret or night club. Streets and general views with lively scenes and people of the turn of the century. Horse and carts and many cars, horse drawn buses. Umbrellas used as parasols. Street markets with people looking at camera. Wonderful large women on the stalls laugh and joke. Camera pans. People buying goods. Porters carrying loads. Laughing at camera. Men's Turkish Bath and black servant. Men's Turkish Bath, men wearing towels. Interior shot of wealthy 'do'. Stills of big names of day, Wilde, Proust and others. Parisian parks, well to do women walk little dogs. Ladies in Bois de Boulogne, ladies in big hats and angling in river Seine. Some posh women wear furs. Well to do, artistic and interesting looking men. An older and younger man, the elder looking for all the world like Toulouse Lautrec Trip trains in park. Month of May and ladies in white. Flower-festooned cars, wagons and bicycles, probably for the Paris Exposition parade. Horse and carts. Four in hand horses. Wealthy people at open air 'do'. Horse race meeting. Two fashionable young men. Men's' cross country athletic running race, couple of athletes named, Jean Boir (?) George Carpentier (?), football / soccer, England v France. Motor race or car race meeting. Chainless bicycle. Balloons and dirigibles. Gabrielle D'Annunzio, Italian writer. Racing dogs, greyhounds. Fox hound pack being blessed by priest. Flicking water over them. Woman shooting birds, handed second gun. Duchess Duzelle (?) well to do women and girls helped out of car by chauffeur. Gare de Lyon. Nice - Promenade des Anglaises. Flower decorated boats. Women picking fruit from trees. Rain, umbrellas. Paris - French Academy reception 1910, River Seine rising fast. Flooded streets. Floods around Eiffel Tower. Place de la Bastille. People on duck walks. Boats in streets. Flooded cafe. Rowing boats rescue people. Person carried on man's back. Rescuing a horse. Rubble. Man being pushed. Preparing for a carnival. Women talking in doors. People distributing flower pots to crowds.

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