Film: 1496

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Montreal and Ontario , Canada. Canning industry 1930's
Montreal , long general view, A church, with statue of Champlain? Men run to catch a bus? Below the statue. Aerial view of Street, possibly St. Catherine's Street. Port of Montreal, ship at docks huge grain elevator in the back ground. Cranes unloading from a White star line grain ship, the huge grain elevators behind, the conveyors belts leading to the ships. Large warehouses along the river for goods storage.

Ottawa the Canadian capital. Aerial views of the Rideau Canal and Parliament Hill, and the Ottawa River with the surrounding city. The Parliament buildings. Canons at a nearby Fort. Downtown Ottawa, cars trolleybuses and pedestrians. Hamilton , Ontario, famous steel town. Aerial view from the bluff above. Street upon street of tree lined company housing areas. Street outside one of the main churches. Outdoor farmer's market. Aylmer Tomato canning factory, people from the tour bus line up outside the factory. Putting bushel baskets of vegetables on the conveyor belt into the canning factory. Tour of the factory, the workers work as everyone watches. ( there is a very fat boy in a suit, rather like Billy Bunter) . A stack of canned vegetables on display, a woman brings a basket of tomatoes to another woman who takes one and bites into it carefully. She bites into another tomato. Peach picking in the Niagara district. A peach orchard. A man up a tree with baskets around his hips. Close-up of a man picking peaches with the basket harness around his shoulders.
St. David's, Ontario Peach canning plant. Cars parked in front the factory office. Men get out of the tour bus. Workers move boxes with pallet lifters. Women check peaches as they go on the conveyor belt. Women take aluminium buckets of the line. The tourists eat peaches, everyone laughs because they are dribbling juice down their chins. The same woman who ate the tomatoes with a basket of peaches. One of the men holds up a peach so she can take a bite and she does so with difficulty. Women cutting and sorting peaches. Putting cans through the assembly lines. Sterilizing cans. Complementary baskets of peaches and grapes lined up on the grass. The manager hands out the baskets to the tour group.

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