Film: 1499

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


A short documentary on the daily lives of native children (Eskimo or Innuit are common if wrong terms) in Lapland (most likely Sámi / Sami) which records their home life, education, free time and training for reindeer herding and fishing 1930's

Point of view shots (taken from a moving boat?) of a mountain lake.

A wooden rowing boat approaches with an indigenous family on board. The father and his two sons moor the boat and climb onto the beach. They are dressed in thick fur coats, elaborately knitted shawls and distinctive woollen hats crowned with a pompom. They walk along the shore. The father has a fishing net slung over his shoulder, one of the boys carries a catch of fish in his hands.

A large tent made from wood and hides. A native man and woman enter with their two small children, the woman carries a baby in a leather Moses basket. A husky and a mongrel dog follow them in.

Inside the tent the father smokes his pipe as he cooks a meal over an open fire. The mother cuddles her children. Another woman is in the tent. The children play and look into the camera a little apprehensively. One of the children rocks the baby violently in the Moses basket, a white husky nibbles at it playfully.

02:14:02 A large white tent surrounded by trees (the local school). A little girl emerges and rings a bell vigorously. Various shots of children filing into the classroom, all wearing traditional costumes. Sitting cross legged on the grass inside, the children write in their books. The teacher pastes something onto a page, she hands it to a boy. The lesson continues. A boy draws pictures in a book. Several children raise their hands. A girl stands up and recites from a page. The whole class fold their hands and bow their heads (in prayer?). The lesson is over. The children rise and leave the tent, putting on their hats as they go.

04:24:16 Outdoors a group of very young children stand with several long haired husky dogs. They tug on the leads, but are too small to get the dogs to move. One boy falls over.

05:33:17 A man shows three little boys how to string antlers together. Various shots of the children practicing, lassoing the antlers and general play. The children trail the antlers behind them.

More shots of very small boys enjoying lasso practice. One boy tries to lasso the cameraman.

A father and his three boys herd reindeer in a mountain valley. Various shots of the animals, some shaking their fur in the cold. Three calves suckle from their mother. The herd moves on. The family begin herding the animals, the toddlers help their father. A tiny boy proudly uses his lasso and claps his hands at the animals. Various shots of the drove of reindeer moving and grazing. Silhouette of a male reindeer on a mountain slope.

Children in Lapland. Family living in a tent. Herding reindeer.

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