Film: 1502

Industry + Work | 1920 | Silent | B/W


A telephone exchange at work in the 1920's. Telephonists

Nine or ten women sit with their backs to the camera operating a large telephone exchange or telephone switchboard. They have head phones or sets on.
" Your call comes through " close up of woman, side view, she speaks and moves the plugs.
" Tests of the lines are frequently made "another woman operator, back view.
" Volt meter registers the most obscure faults " close up of voltmeter. The woman's hands work franticly.
" These clerks, skilled in the art of telephony, clear the faults as they are made known by the girls testing " men on the telephone exchange.
" Enquiry Desk. The final haven of Londoners who cannot locate telephone numbers " More women with smart hair styles working.
" Efficiency plus courtesy always gives the correct answer. " Close up of girl, front view, talking into a tube.

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