Film: 1504

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Opening sequences - Intertitle "On the 50th Anniversary of the death of her late Majesty Queen Victoria, we present this screen record of progress during Five reigns." Cut to still of Queen Victoria. Voice-over giving historical background to Queen Victoria's accession to the throne using still photographs and paintings to show the main players. Panning shot of Great Exhibition of 1851 drawing Archive footage from 1897 showing celebrations to support Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Cut to candle. Cut to gas lamp being lit. Cut to light bulb in lightshade being put on. Leicester or Piccadilly Square at night with giant advertising hoardings. Early telephone receiver followed by more modern ( 1930's Bakelite model ). Cut to steam engines leaving station. Cut to Forth Rail bridge with warship passing underneath it. 1901 - the reign of the Widow of Windsor who lost King Consort many years before came to an end with a funeral at Frogmore by the new King Edward the Seventh and the dead Queen's grandson Kaiser Wilhelm the Second, Emperor of Germany. Still of Edward the Seventh and Queen Alexandra, and footage of their procession. King Victor Emmanuel of Italy and Edward the Seventh. Surrounded by French soldiers. Unidentified make of car - Reg.: LHV 613. 1903 - Wright Brothers' flying machine takes off. Cut to 1951 supersonic jet. King Edward the Seventh's death in 1910 began the second reign in this pictorial record, the coronation of the sailor King George the Fifth. Imperial Delhi Durbar attended by King George and Queen Mary. Cut to footage of Kaiser Wilhelm in 1914. Cut to giant static gun firing shell followed by explosion. Cut to King George giving the Victoria Cross to widowed mother and child. 1915 Armistice and Peace March possibly with Marble Arch in the background. Crystal Palace fire of 1836. Giant dome and tower demolished ( possibly part of the Crystal Palace exhibition ). Passing of King George Fifth, Prince of Wales King Edward the Eighth. A brief reign to be followed by crisis and abdication. May 12th 1937 with the proclamation of George the Sixth as King. Clear in this scene are the Queen Mother and Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. More relaxed footage of the family taken in a rural environment, possibly Balmoral. The Duke of Kent, the King's brother, seen with his family. 1939 war damaged buildings. Cut to the Queen Mother talking to a group of schoolchildren. Old radar equipment on top of building. Celebrations for the end of the War in 1945 with military procession attended by members of the Royal Family. Models of the 1951 Festival of Britain being admired by the King and Queen.

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