Film: 1506

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


World war two newsreel from Canadian forces. 1940's
Flashes from Canada's Front' The Blue Diamond hamburger stand is celebrating the grand opening in Nymagen, possibly the Netherlands? All food is free. Soldiers look at a sign advertising the stand. An intersection, very wet weather, some one passes on a bicycle. A huge long queue of soldiers as they wait for food. Lots of 1940's advertisements for baked beans, pie, coffee, hamburgers, doughnuts all with scantily clad cartoon women. 'you can liberate our coffee, you can liberate our pie, but please don't liberate our mugs, they're stillin short supply.' Two Canadian soldiers bite into a hamburger with relish. Eating hamburgers.
Soldier marries British Girl in Tilburg. They come out of the Church. Pictures in front of a car. Bride and groom with best man and maid of honour. One of the men takes a sip from a glass of wine. A sign, 'Dionne, here we come!' on the back of the car. Throwing rice at the exit from the church. A group of happy revellers. The car drives away with cans attached to the bumper.
Italy church service Soldiers in winter uniform go into the church, and then come out of the church.
Australia parade of RCEME. Close ups of the soldiers faces. Inspection of troops. Marching. Australian High Commissioner.
Graves at Cherbourg. 'Graves at Cherbourg' Canadian graves in Cherbourg, France. The war cemetery there, many graves with flowers piled on top of them. The women of Cherbourg fix the flowers on the graves. The Germany cemetery, empty with no decorations.
'Canadians Decorated on German Soil.' Awards for Canadian soldiers , Montgomery pins medals on the uniforms of Canadian soldiers. Monty waves as he drives away in a Jeep.
Seigfried Snapshots. In Germany . Bombed German town, completely destroyed. The ruined cathedral, the bells lying on the rubble. Muddy roads being re built by engineers. Using corduroy roads, Roads lined with tree trunks. Supply convoys. Transfer of supplies between lorries. Amphibious ducks . German civilians walking to the rear of the line, to avoid combat as Canadian troops move forward to the Rhine. Spitfires fly overhead.
Canadians embark for Sicily. Sicily training at home Embarkation. Canadian troops marching over hillsides. One soldier is helped up into the jeep by his mates. WRAC board the boat as well. Tugs pull troop ship out. Everyone looking bored on board the ship. Some men play cards. UN day march through Whitehall, London with all the allies . RC navy , Indian navy , Highlanders . RAF band . Nijmegan Monty . Artillery bombardment . Flooded countryside . 1st Canadian army . Rhine . Siegfried line breached . 8000 prisoners

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