Film: 1512

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


1. Discord in Germany
German army marches past Champs Elysees. British (?) troops march off a ship, past officer. Hitler marches past troops. Close up of Hitler saluting. Hitler turns to accompanying Nazi leaders and salutes. Hitler and accompanying Nazis board a train. Close up of portrait of Hitler.
Russian tanks move quickly through fields. A convoy of vehicles moves over a bridge. Russian fighter planes shoot down a German plane which crashes and explodes. Russian soldiers sit on tanks. Troops march along a road.
Close-up of stationary train engines and carriages - abandoned German equipment - close up of Nazi insignia on train. German prisoners of war marching slowly.

2. Russian Victory. Another smashing defeat for the German army.
Beach at Crimea. Shots of house and trees. Shots of waves rolling on to beach.
Russian tank squadron moves along road. Red Army troops sit on troop carrier raise hats at camera. Russian troops in position in trenches. Artillery fire and explosions occur on ground. Russian troops descend from hill.
Map shows Crimea and Sebastopol, Perekop and Kerch. Town shown with shells exploding in it. Troops fight in ruins. Russian soldiers fire weapons and run past dead German soldier. Artillery guns fire. A Russian soldier climbs to remove a swastika from a sign in the town. He puts in its place a Red Flag. Town shown with smoke rising in the background. Ruins of Kerch shown. Russian troops march through it. A Red Army truck moves through the town pulling an artillery piece. Map of Crimea shown. Waves roll on a beach. A dead soldier lies on barbed wire. Russian civilians welcome incoming Russian forces travelling on a tank. Russian troops march through the town.. Civilians wave at them. Monuments of Kerch shown. Map of Crimea. German lorries carry German troops down a road. Russian refugees trudge along a road. Refugees in horsedrawn wagons pass by corpses. German artillery fire at Russian aircraft. Bombs fall on harbour. Scenes of a naval battle. Shots of dead soldiers on beach. Russian partisans walk along leading horses. Russian artillery fire. Red Army troops fire rifles. Shots of dead German troops. Soldiers march along a road. Scenes of a mined village. Russian tanks move down a road into a town. A Russian woman hands a soldier a drink. Troops wash in fountain and small waterfall. Army headquarters shown. Officers and soldiers walk past. Two women soldiers stop by a mirror and look at themselves and wipe their faces. Russian troops emerge from a building. Close up of stone lions surrounding buildings. Film ends with a shot of a statue.

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