Film: 1515

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


World War One - compilation of shots from different battles and years, some real some faked

Soldiers unloading shells from boxes, probably French soldiers. Shells pushed along railtrack on a small cart. Two officers come out of pine woods in a car.Other officers get out of the back and are greeted. The back of a railway truck, railwaymen standing round.

One emerges from the truck with a side of meat. Lorries pulling artillery along the road. Soldiers with horse drawn vehicles. Two men in a stationary biplane aircarft, a camera and a satchel is handed up to them. The plane starts to move, close up of the tail shows it is an M-F 774, charge 305 kgs. The plane takes off. View of a town from the air. View of a forest of blasted trees. Two soldiers run through it. Soldiers in trenches. Soldiers in caps looking over the trench parapet. A tank or other vehicle on the skyline. In the trench they fire a howitzer. Soldiers sitting round in front of dug-outs. Crosses.

Soldiers en masse, with helmets some in caps. Officers walk in front of them in caps , smoking pipes. A band playing. Screen lifts to show concert party, soldiers, and one woman. The camera pans over watching soldiers, who are smiling. A woman amongst them. She waves at the party on stage, the soldiers raise their helmets in salute.

Shells landing in no-mans land. Soldiers adjusting the trajectory of a large artillery piece ,which fires. Explosion beyond a village.

A high ranking British officer comes down some steps, past a guard of honour, with
a civilian, who I think is Clemenceau. Most soldiers in caps , two in plumed helmets.
Two high ranking French officers come down the steps and into a car. Three British officers appear, two get into the car, which drives off.

Soldiers in greatcoats marching through snow, in line. Breaking line, they move uphill. This looks like the Italian front.

British soldiers in a trench, smoking and playing cards. Shot of officer and soldier in shirtsleeves, officer sitting behind a box marked EDITOR- PRIVATE. They look at a piece of paper, the officer writes on it. A group of soldiers pass out copies of a newspaper, presumably "hot off the press". Close up of a watch , which says quarter
past six. A sergeant presses down a detonator. Large explosion fills the screen.
Officer in trench blows whistle. British soldiers climb ladders to go over the top, wearing caps rather than helmets. Soldiers behind a parapet of sandbags. Soldiers behind a rise charge forward. More soldiers in a trench. Soldiers running forward into smoke.

( faked footage - Scottish soldiers in bonnets in a trench, though one seems to have a tea towel round his head. A piper gets up on the parapet and plays. The piper marches off, towards the enemy. The soldiers come out of the trench and follow him. This may be a re-enactment of piper Laidlaw winning the V.C. at Loos in 1915.)

German P.O.W.s marching. They are shown eating bread. More explosions fill the screen. Soldiers in the distance come out of a trench and run through the exlosions,
towards the camera. Soldiers advancing across no-mans land.

Two tanks appear, legs of dead soldier in the foreground. Infantrymen behind the tank look French.
Soldier throws grenade. Soldiers running past stumps of trees. German soldier rises up out of trench , then falls back. This is surely faked, but the explosions roundabout look real. French soldiers advance past barbed wire. Fade out.

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