Film: 1516

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur home movie

The Bassett-Lowke family move into " New Ways " an amazing art deco 1930's house and early example of modernist architecture, designed by Peter Behrens. Moving day and then the household settle into ordinary life. Lots of good maids and servants, people in service washing up and waiting on table.

Woman rolls a film camera. Titles. Removal men in aprons carry a box out of a house behind a large lorry, other men wait to go indoors. A woman wearing a pinafore smiles and puts something in her pocket. A man carries down two boards of wood. A woman follows him. A man paints part of a fence in the middle of the yard, another digs in the dirt with a shovel underneath a tree. A man and woman look at roof tiles stacked on a stone wall. Three porter carry an armchair out of the house between them and down the garden steps. A finger points out the name of the house written on the newly painted front gate. The name plate W.J. Bassett-Lowke. The front door flanked by two potted plants, then the protruding triangular window that travels all the way up to the roof. Side view of the house. The couple walk up the front steps of the garden into the yard. The interior of the protruding window. The woman in bed, head resting on the pillow. An open balcony with bare floor boards and some chairs. The couple have tea on the balcony, a maid in uniform waits on them, putting a pot of honey down on the table. The lush large garden with trees, bushes and hedges and lake, A door and windows cut into the hedge. People play tennis on the grass tennis courts. The woman comes in off the balcony. The man throws his magazine down on a chair. A maid waits on the woman of the house, pours her wine, the woman takes a sip as the maid places the roast down on the table on its platter in front of the woman. The woman carves the roast. A maid dries dishes in the kitchen. Making dinner, One of the cooks uses a icing tube. Another pours water out of a saucepan. Another maid cleans the silver. Two women use the new lawnmower. A great shot of a woman drinking a cup of tea, gives a nod her head after she sips. A great shot of a man drinking tea, he smacks his lips together and says 'Ah!' . Two girls lean their heads together. The man brings a wrapped box onto the veranda, covered in brown paper, he opens it and shows off the train set inside. They construct part of the train set. The mother works in the garden. A maid serves three of the ladies tea on the veranda, they open a box of chocolates. The father joins them. A boy plays with a mountain climbing toy. The boy plays with a set of little metal figurines. The men smoke pipes or cigarettes outside, one of them brings the paper out to the balcony. The gentlemen come down the stairs into the garden. One of the women comes out onto the veranda and plays with a stuffed toy along the wall. A man with an apron on paints an iron bar with a paint brush. Two of the women pick heather out of the flowerbeds. Several of the children also pick heather…or lavender? The family goes out into the garden, all smiles. Excellent shot of the maid in her white cap and uniform. One of the men gets down on his knees on the flagstones to pick daffodils. View out the front window of the garden, rather foggy though. One of the gentlemen on the veranda lights match on the match box to light his pipe. One of the ladies in the garden, she picks some of the flowers from the low shrubs. Bees land on tall stalks of ? Flowers and collect pollen. Washing the flag stones ( or bailing out the basement from a flood?) two women do rug making. Some of the women guests, including Mrs. Bassett-Lowke come into the garden, they walk down through a bower of leaves down steps through a wooded part of the garden. They wander the flagstone paths, one of them carries a basket and collects flowers along the way. A pond with swans in it, they are thrown food. Children slide on their feet down a snow covered hillside. A group of children stand with a man who wears plus fours, some of the children are on small sleds. Going into the gate of New Ways, snow covers the walkway. The snow covered landscape and hedges of the area around New Ways. The open gate at New Ways. The snow covered front steps of New Ways. The snow covered trees. A very industrious snow shoveler. Mrs Bassett-Lowke uses both a shovel and the broom to clean off the walkway. She shakes each of the small conifer trees that stand in a row.

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