Film: 1528

Science | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Light and the use of spherical mirrors. Mainly diagrams 1950's

A collection of mirrors. A diagram of several mirrors set up in a curve, the light rays converge to a point, A curved mirror will also point rays to a converging point. Animation describes a curved arc mirror, the rays focus to a curved line. A diagram illustrates the Focus (F) of a concave mirror, the axis of the concave mirror, the centre of curvature of a concave mirror, the focal length (f) of a concave mirror. A concave mirror is used in: search lights, in car headlamps and in ships to produce a beam of light (a man on a ship producing a beam of light). An animation describes the images produced by a concave mirror, the image will be upside down (inverted) and smaller than the object and also real. An animated experiment shows that the image produced by a concave mirror is inverted and smaller than the object, also, when the object is moved to the centre of the curvature the image is inverted, real and the same size as the object, but when the object is moved nearer to the focus, the image produced is real, inverted and magnified, however, if the object is placed on the focus, the image is formed at infinity, when the object is placed between the focus and the mirror, the image forms outside the mirror and it is erect, magnified. Another animated experiment describes the production of a virtual image by a plane mirror. Two diagrams compare a virtual image with a real image. An animated experiment describes the images formed, on a plane mirror, from an object far way and then slowly approaching the mirror. This type of image is made use in shaving mirrors (a man shaving in front of a mirror). The same man shaving but now using a flat mirror, notice that the image is much larger in the flat mirror. A diagram describes the rays produced by a continuous curved mirror (the rays spread out). A diagram illustrates the Focus (F) of a convex mirror, the axis of the convex mirror, the centre of curvature of a convex mirror, the focal length (f) of a convex mirror. An animation shows the formation of an image by a convex mirror, the image is always erect, diminished and virtual. A car driving mirror (example of a convex mirror).

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