Film: 1538

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Silent | B/W


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Grim events from 1968.
Water cannon used against Protestors in Paris. Assasination of Robert Kennedy. Assasination of Martin Luther King. Collapse of Ronan Point flats, Glasgow. Viscount plane crash in Bavaria. BOAC aircraft crash in London. Crash of Elizabethan freighter at London, ships sunk. Vietnam war - vietcong takeover U.S. embassy. Harold Wilson and Ian Smith in fearless talks. Czecks invaded by Russian troops. Tanks. Dubcek. Earthquake in Sicily. Earthquake in Persia or Iran. Floods in south East england. Marriages of Jeremy Thorpe, Diana Dors and Jacky Kennedy. Doctor Barnard in South Africa. Britain being less succesful. QE II . Hovercraft and Princess Margaret. Alec Rose. Giant Panda. Polar bear. Olympic medal winners and Wilson. Orbit of moon. Helicopter.

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