Film: 1539

Politics | 1950 | Silent + Sound | B/W


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Members of the English government (?), officials and other authorities lined up waiting. Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Phillip. A train arrives at a station. Elizabeth steps forward and shake hands with President of France Charles De Gaulle who bows his head.

Charles De Gaulle then greets other people. He then shake hands with the people lined up and waiting to receive him. Charles De Gaulle talking with Elizabeth. Little banners hanging under a roof. A black car (Rolls Royce) drives through a street, on the side a crowd and a military band playing the English national anthem. The car stops in front of the entrance of a building. The Queen and her husband come out from the car, and enter the building. Soldiers lined up outside the building. The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Charles De Gaulle and his wife come out of the building. De Gaulle salutes the army. The army band plays 'La Marseillaise'. De Gaulle prowling, the soldiers. The Queen and De Gaulle get on a carriage. The Queen puts a blanket over her legs. The carriage starts moving. People watching from behind a closed window. A view of the crowd that is waiting alongside the road. A roof.

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