Film: 1542

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | B/W


View of Antwerp, Belgium. Buildings. Parks. Shopping streets. Market (Grot Markt) Trams. City streets viewed from a moving vehicle. The harbour. Ship at sea, the City of Karachi from Glasgow. Accompanied by tug. Bridge opens. Ship at sunset. Antwerp at night with neon signs filmed from a passing vehicle. More very good Antwerp scenes during the day. Main square. Two women buy flowers from a stall. Fountain. News stand and café. Business man enters the BP Belgium building. Men talking on telephones while seated at their work desks. Docks viewed from the water. Scenes of Antwerp's oil refinery. Cathedral viewed from high point overlooking the city. Ships being unloaded at the port. Fuel barge. Ship is refuelled as cargo continues to be unloaded. Dock workers and ship's crew at work. The City of Karachi vessel leaves dock.

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