Film: 1545

Religion | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Adverts regarding religion and early examples of television evangelism in U.S.A. 1970's

Close up of Christ on the cross. Close up of candles on table. Close up of bible. (Advert) Religion American Life, Worship this Week (TV programme). Advertising Council Public service)
Close up of groom and bride at their wedding. Narrator says remember the words love, honour, cherish. Couple walk towards camera. Close up of the couple's hands. Music, newspaper cuttings, making a sentence appear - keep in circulation the rumour that God is alive! Credits appear on a cross - The National Council of the Churches of Christ. Blank screen. Close up of an embroidered cover as camera moves away. See woman's hands sewing, music plays. They are embroidering the sentence "Keep in circulation the rumor that God is alive" over the top. The cross with credits appears again. Blank screen. A flying bird - music plays. Sky, sea, close up of a bottle washing up on the beach with the circulation message in it - a message in a bottle. Credits on cross appear. Blank screen. Close up of a doll. A child picks it up. Narrator speaks of how a mother looks after her child. Says God is like that. national Council credits appear again. A child is searching for a butterfly on screen. Narrator says sometimes you cannot find what you are searching for even when it's always around - like God's love. National Council Credits appear.

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