Film: 1550

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


High vacuum pump manufacture in Crawley UK.

A man is collected by car from outside an office building. Parked in the street is a Lyons delivery van.
The man is driven to Crawley, a new town on the outskirts of London. The car passes a shopping precinct with many mothers wheeling prams along the pavement. Passing view of a large Woolworths store. The car continues to the Edwards factory, maker of high vacuum pumps. Factory floor and close ups of workers at machines.
The visitor is Australian and he interviews the shop supervisor. They talk about labour relations. Another man is interviewed about why he returned to the company, as he sits at his desk smoking. More views of machinery.
Mr Edwards, the head of the company is then interviewed about the firm's expansion. The shop steward is interviewed about their incentive scheme. View of the factory floor again.

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