Film: 1552

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Firth Brown Steels in Sheffield, 1960's.

Factory floor and the process of manufacturing steel rollers. Testing of forged steel for defects. Furnaces where steel is hardened. Steel rolls are further tempered by heating. More testing to ensure correct hardness has been obtained. Diamond Pyramid Hardness test. Diagrams are used to explain the relationship between steel being heated and the stress on the metal. Still of broken and brittle steel rod. Graphs showing differing depths of hardness that can be achieved, depending on final use. Induction hardened steel rolls in use in factories. Machining of steel rolls with precision cutters. Overhead view of the grinding section of the factory. Re-heating of steel rolls to repair rolls after extended use. Electro-slag process. Furnaces and hot rolling of steel bar and rope. Bundles of steel wire wound up and stacked in warehouse. Conveyor belt with sheets of steel. Rolling of precious metals using forged steel rollers. Brown Firth Research Laboratory, exterior of the building. A female scientist or engineer examines steel under a microscope. A computer screen flickers blue. Factories and mills that use steel rolls in their machinery. A car part factory making car body parts. Steel drums being made. Tin plate being made into cans on a production line. Protective coatings being applied to steel rolls before they are packaged and shipped. Crates of steel rolls being craned into a ship's hold at the docks. A few views of steel being shaped in a furnace.

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