Film: 1553

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Iron and steel industry safety film 1950's

Interior shots of factory, steel rods being moved round factory by pulley. Man looks up as rods fall from chain binding. Supervisor looks down and beckons co-workers to assist (over the shoulder camera onto factory floor). Manager at his desk, worker comes into office and gets him to call ambulance. Ambulance pulling out of ambulance station (BWJ 72). Worker walking down terraced street of two up, two down houses. Knocks on door. Wife answers, is told her husband is dead (or injured, its not clear). She looks shocked. Accident Prevention Officers office, loss of production due to accidents graph. Accident Prevention Committee meeting, diagrams of what caused last accident, sling to weight ratio diagram. Back on factory floor, workers put steel rods into sling for inquest purposes. Accident Prevention Officer speaks direct to camera. Molten steel, putting raw materials into furnace, taking red hot iron bar out of furnace, moving it across factory floor with tongs. Managers inspect lifting equipments. Keeping up to the minute records on file (man filling in form). Opening and closing filing cabinet drawer. Shot of crane emergency switch and man turning it off and locking it shut. He climbs up ladder to gantry. Man putting safety goggles on. Sanding down a thick iron bar. Guards on furnaces. Sheet metal coming off conveyor belt. Adjusting a machine. Power switch tuned off, light goes off that indicated Danger Power On. Inspector looks on. Pouring molten metal in to mould making flat moulds in foundry. Mechanisation of shop floor to cut down handling molten product to a minimum. Rolling steel wire with bare hands. Forklift moves several rolls of metal wire. Loading wood in yard. Inspector looking through wood yard. Stacking manhole covers. One pile is stacked too high, a truck drives past and knocks the stack; shot of a man looking frightened with mouth wide open; stack falls on top of him. He breaks his toe. A 20lb weight is dropped four feet on to a shoe. No damage because its a safety shoe with a steel cap. Shot of shoe showing steel protection. Dissolve of upper on shoe (very good shot). Falling and knocking against things causes industrial accidents, comparison of two factories one with clearly marked gang-ways, the other with equipment all over the floor. Need good lighting. Man trips and hurts hand. Dialogue between inspector and workers about who was responsible for the iron bars he tripped over.
Direct to camera speech by Accident Prevention Officer. More shots of factory floor. Man knocking at widow's door.

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