Film: 1566

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Sugar plantations of Demerara in British Guiana, South America 1930's
Black women work in fields with mattocks. Men cut cane with machetes. they walk barefoot. They carry cane in bundles on heads. Stacking cane. White overseer. Cut cane transported in huge metal pontoons drawn by mules. Travel along river. Crane lifts entire load and swings it round to factory. East Coast estates. Coconuts. Shot from underneath of boy climbing trunk of coconut tree. He drops coconuts. They are split open and dried for copra. Hitting nuts with axes. Stirring pot on fire in shed. Georgetown, the capital. Clock tower. Markets. Mule cart crosses bridge. Women carry baskets on head. Villagers sell fruits and vegetables they have grown. Women chat. Docks, rice and sugar loaded for export to Britain and Canada. Man tests quality of grain in sacks. Crane loads ship. Children. Cattle wading.

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