Film: 1575

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Main headings are:
"Petain faces trial."
"The other man's jobs. Packing speed end of Japs."
"Desert Rats in Berlin" (There is also a clip of Potsdam conference)

Close up of first heading "Petain faces trial" the letters are in bold white capital letters on a dark background. France, long shot of the court of justice in Paris, there are two cars that are parked outside of the gate, people are walking towards the gate, some cars drive past the building. Long shot of the entrance of the court of justice, the gate is made of iron, civilian men and women of all ages enter, there is even a man entering with his bicycle. Medium Long shot of the guards, there are two of them dressed on dark uniform with a cap, both of them are inspecting a piece of paper handed by another man in an army uniform, the guards gives the man direction while others pass by. Long shot of a guard patrolling on a bridge, there are two concrete buildings on both sides of the bridge, the guard is holding a rifle in his hand. Long shot from above of a courtyard, a man dressed in uniform is also patrolling. Medium shot of gate of a prison, the building is made of bricks and there are iron bars across the windows. Medium long shot, inside the court room which is fully packed, two elderly men sit in the centre facing each other, surrounding them, there are rows of tables, where men smartly dressed either in civilian/army wear are sitting closely next to each other with paper in front of them. Medium shot of four elderly men sitting on a front row, the commentator explains that they are the leading accusers including Paul Lenor, they are all waiting patiently, the man on the right, nearest to the camera is dressed in civilian suit and have a moustache, the man who is sitting on his left hand side holds a hat in his hand, half bald, wears glasses and has a moustache, the man on the left is looking away from the camera, more men are sitting in rows behind them. Medium long shot of the courtroom, everyone is standing up, nearest to the camera, a lady stands rigidly looking away, many of the members of the court looks towards a side door of the courtroom, the door opens, a guards leads the accused, Marshall Philippe Petain, aged 89, he is an elderly man, who is smartly dressed in his army uniform, his facial expression is neutral walks towards the centre of the court, side of Petain, beyond Petain it is possible to see more rows filled with men who are probably acting as public prosecutors or as journalists, following Petain, judges dressed in their robes holding a book in their hand follows. Close up of Petain from left hand side. Extremely long shot of the court room, with the judges, lawyers, the accused and the observers. A medium shot of judge who has white shoulder gown, has a beard and wears glasses, reading out a statement from a piece of paper, at a distance, it is possible to see the observers who are listening. Medium shot of Petain from front, he is sitting down, has a scroll in his hand, he has placed the elaborately decorated hat on the table opposite to himself. Extremely long shot of the court room, right in front of camera, the main judges has his back on the camera, he is facing the court room. Medium long shot of the centre of the court, the camera focuses on Petain who is sitting down, behind him a man stands, he is making a statement. Medium shot side shot of the man making his statement, he is dressed in robe, Petain sits silently in front of him while the guard stands still near the camera. Close up of left side of Petain, he is wearing his medal, in his hand, he has a scroll which he is fiddles with his hands. Side Medium shot of the three judges standing, the judge in the centre is dressed in white, they are listening to the statement. Medium long shot, side view of Petain standing up and making a statement. Medium shot of a row of the leading accusers sitting and listening to the statement, two of them stares directly at the camera. Medium shot of Petain reading out the statement. Side long shot view of the jury, each one of them have a bundle of paper in front of them, they are all men, all of them are paying attention to what Petain is saying. Medium long shot of the public prosecutors, close up of the back of one of the judges, in front there are men dressed in civilian clothes who are handing in a piece of paper to a man dressed in dark suit. Petain as commentator explains is "denounced as a traitor", close side shot of Petain, who looks disappointed, but still he holds himself with dignity. Close up of the main judge, who initially read out the statement out loud, is speaking to the court room with passion, his hands are in the air conveying the strength of what he is saying. Long Medium shot of people dressed in civilian clothes, the room is fully packed. Medium shot of the guards attempting to keep potentially explosive situation under control. Back to the medium shot of the court room, closest to the camera, one of the judge is standing up facing rows of people who are sitting down, the camera moves on to shot Petain sitting quietly and opposite to him the public prosecutors sit facing directly at him, Petain is also surrounded by people who are sitting down in the court room. Close up view of Marshal Petain, he does not speak, nor cry, but brinks often, picture fades.

Next story, the title is "The other man's job" close up of the title page with these words - packing speeds end of Japs." Long distant shot of a Hertfordshire factory, there is a tree close by to the left hand side of the camera, the camera is at the top of a hill and thus it looks down to the factory, the commentator explains that it is well known for making stationery - probably Apsley Mills at Hemel Hempstead. Close up of a machine with a large roller, commentator explains that the factory is now making weapons destined for Far East, cotton is being laminated by a special wax, the camera follows a direction at which cotton is being rolled, and focus on another roller which is combining the special wax with cotton, the material is designed to protect the weapons from moisture in the air, close up of the material now covered with wax being rolled on to another roller. Close up of a lady's hands holding the material, the material is covering a spanner. Close up of the hands now having wrapped the spanner with the special material, shapes the material to have a shape similar to that of the spanner, showing "moisture proof barrier". Medium shot of a roller, rolling more paper, laminated with materials that makes the materials be a good protection for metals in tropical climate. Close view of the materials being laminated a male worker is standing at the side of a gap of a machine checking if the materials are mixing properly. Medium shot of a strong white paper on a roller being rolled in, standing next to the machine a male worker dressed in work wear for the factory stands over the machine to check its progress. Very close view of the white paper on a roller being pulled upwards the camera follows the direction at which the paper is moving, the paper is being stretched upwards, then downwards by another roller. Close up of the paper from above being stretched, and showing wax being rolled out at the same time to be mixed with the white paper. Medium shot of the factory room, with the machine, in the centre, it is also possible to see the bare walls of the factory and a lamp, the machine swings downwards and upwards, picking up a piece of paper each time and placing it down. Medium view of the machine from above, the finished paper shaped in a rectangle rolls out onto the metal plane which then swings to the other side to place the paper onto another machine. Medium shot of another machine, this has cut the previous rectangle paper into a smaller size and it is lined up on the end of the machine, a lady with her hair wrapped up with a scarf is counting and sorting out the papers into blocks. Close view of the same machine, showing more in detail how the papers, shaped into bags come out, a lady standing next to the machine checks that the bags do not stick to each other. Close up of the lady's hands, paper bags and the machine, showing more in detail how she handles the bags. Medium shot of three ladies with neatly arranged hair are sitting down next to a table, opposite them, there are piles of waterproof card boards some cut into strips, the strips are to be used for making boxes to store weapons in the far east, the camera moves on to show opposite to the three ladies there are more ladies who counts the strips and neatly piles them up in order, nearest to the camera, the lady is wearing a shirt in detailed flower prints, next to the lady sits a girl who's dressed in plain shirt and has part of her hair down and on the far end of the screen a girl is busy working away, behind the ladies, it is possible to see more chairs and desks. Medium shot of a large sawing machine, a lady dressed in shirts and a jumper sits next to the sawing machine and stitches up the strips of cardboards. Medium view of a girl dressed in white shirt with dark dresses, standing up, she has a large wooden structure in front of her, there are gaps that she fills in with the strips of correct size and shape, once all the gaps are filled in, she polls out another card board over the frame. View of another sawing machine from above, a dark haired lady bends over the wooden frame and holds them in position and saw the card boards. Closer medium view of the lady sawing away showing stitches being placed in correct positions. Medium long shot of a waxing machine, two ladies are standing next to the machine, one of the lady is wearing a checked one piece dress and an apron, she holds the stitched card board box material which is places in a large hander ready to be dipped in a small bath shaped machine which is full of wax. Close up (from above) of the two card board structures being immersed into wax the structure is dipped then lifted up with a darker colour. Medium shot from above, a lady, who have some silver hair, wears a dark coloured dress, is sitting opposite to a desk, on top of the desk there is a waterproof card board structure, she folds them to make it into a shape of a box. Closer shot showing completion of a box with dividers inside.

Medium shot of another part of the factory, in the centre it is possible to see a large roller and a big machine structure, there are three people whoa are standing around it, there are more machines in the background, the man dressed in dark trousers, a dark vest and a white shirt picks up a bucket, he walks over to a section of the machine. Close view of the machine, showing the man pouring in more liquid into the machine. Close up of the paper roller showing the paper being mixed with the liquid. At an edge of a machine, in the distance, it is possible to see iron structures of the factory, two ladies stands over the machine, one of them takes a tube off the machine and checks if it has been fully laminated. Medium view of another machine at a distance four ladies stands over and checks if the tube has been cut properly, closest to the camera, a lady stands, picks up a long tube, places the tube on a tube cutter. Close view of the tube being cut into two. Medium shot of the lady stacking up the tube with a help of another lady. Medium shot of a lady standing up next to a low table, she is wearing light coloured work wear and gloves, she has placed the tubes upright and on one of its end places a metal cover, the camera focuses on one of the tube with a metal lid, which is then picked up by another girl standing in front of another machine designed to spin the tube, she places the tube on to a roller, a lady who stands next to her push the device so that the end of the tube sticks with the metal lid. Close up of the machine. Close up of another machine printing reference numbers on to the tube, a lady checks before placing it away. Angled view of the same machine, the tube with printed reference number rolls across. Another section is the factory, the tubes are stacked up and ladies, two on each side stands: two on one side places another metal lid which is then passed on to girls standing opposite who then paints the top of the lid. Front view of a lady with the tubes and weapons, she has a dark hair and wears a dark dress, she checks the tubes. Close up of the lady placing a dummy bomb inside the tube to check whether it is the correct size or not. Long shot of three ladies checking the tubes, the film goes on to explain how similarly made tubes designed to be used as a container for lubricating oils are made in a similar manner to the previous clips. The camera follows the manufacturing of containers step by step, the section ends with a view of ladies packing away the finished products and the commentator says "perfect packing is essential contribution for winning the Japanese war." The picture fades.

New story, title page "Desert rats of Berlin". Berlin, winning victory march of British soldiers, many stands poised at the sides of a wide road, there are tanks in the background, on the road, jeeps rides through at a slow pace, Sir Winston Churchill, is seen wearing a light coloured army uniform, surrounded by other high army officials stands on top of the jeep overlooking everyone, commentator explains that this is Churchill's final public act as the Prime Minister of Britain. Close view of Churchill and his commanders on the jeep. A street in Berlin, army personnel fills a side of the road tanks marches in, in large numbers, Churchill and other officials stand in a stand and he salutes the soldiers on the tanks as they drive past. Long view of the tanks driving past in front of Churchill, English flag, Union Jack is being displayed at the below and above him. Close view of soldiers fully packed as spectators. Tanks march past. Churchill salutes. Soldiers, dressed in dark army uniform with rifles in position marches on foot in unison. Churchill salutes. Closer view of the marchers on foot. Closer view of the flags held by the soldiers and Churchill in the background. Soldiers marches past. Long view of Churchill saluting.

Gate of Potsdam, there are two guards who are standing at both sides, they salute as the camera passes, the camera moves on to show a road with hedge at both sides. Negotiating leaders have their pictures taken by journalists. Close view of some politicians. Round table at the Potsdam conference, shows negotiators sitting down, Stalin is also present, the commentator points out that he's the only original victory leader at the conference. Camera focuses on Stalin from a distance, he is dressed in a military uniform. Medium shot of Stalin and his translator, the commentator says "strength of Yalta will endure" the film ends abruptly.

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