Film: 1579

Railways | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Railways in Devon and Cornwall in British Railways era 1960's but with Great Western Railway livery and locomotives, probably amateur home movie (features jump cuts and unusual broken sequences) but good quality.

GWR Steam Locomotive "County of Cornwall". A train journey through Cornwall going from Penzance, east, over the Tamar bridge to Plymouth.

A steam train pulls in at a platform. A plaque on the engine reads 'County of Cornwall'. Sea hits the cliffs of the Penwith peninsula. Train is at Penzance station. The steam engine chuffs out of the platform. Train moves slowly by bay side. It belches steam as it crosses the country. The engine passes mining stacks and engine houses. It runs by field boundaries while cars drive by the road. Platform sign 'Gwinear Rd for Helston, the Lizard, Mullion and Porthleven'. Small train shunts carriages backward. 'Nancegollan' sign. Signal hut lies on the platform, next to bridge. Some small train shunts past signals, old mining house is in background. Shot from train going past trees and royal garden in Truro. Passes the three spired Truro Cathedral in the centre of town. Sign at platform, 'Truro junction for Falmouth'. Crane in platform.

Train leaves platform passing another stationary train. Camera shoots from train as it passes signal, and warehouses by the sea. Viaduct lies ahead. Old stone construction part of viaduct. Heather blows by the rail side. Tunnel ahead. Exits tunnel. Shadow of train and steam. Silhouette of its moving. Passes pier and harbour. Waves in the bay.

Platform sign 'Par change for Newquay'. Long distance shot of previously seen train shunting over bridge. Red train coaches slowly pass by sign at platform, 'Lostwithiel'. Shot of boats in the bay. A train turns around tracks. Train shunts past another. Two trains linger smoking. The freights of a train turn the curves of a railway track beside an old white picket fence. Long tug goes by on water. Train steam pours over a green field. Long distance shot of people on train platform. People walk on platform. Three men silhouetted stand on the platform. Steaming train sits in the station and passengers dressed in smart 50s 60s clothing, alight. A guard hands grey sacks to another guard on the platform. Train passes platform sign - 'Bodmin Road change for Bodmin Wadebridge and Padstow'. Coated elderly ladies clamber into carriage, as does man with many bags. Lady and two children rush down the platform. A guard waves a flag for the train to depart. Sign by rails, 'Tunnel Plymouth District'.

Train goes over viaduct leaving steam in its wake. Shot from train, as it goes over viaduct. Train crosses several bridges. Signal house. Side of train in station. Train leaves. Signal down, train is passing. Shots from train window. Train called 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel' passes platform. Painting of steam train on bridge. Someone hammers on the Tamar Bridge. Train begins to trawl over bridge, location of camera allows car roof into shot. Train goes over Tamar bridge, shot from window with the curve of the track allows sight of the locomotive, pulling the coaches. Water beneath. Green fields of Devon. Train passes showing its front. 'North Road, Plymouth' sign. Train with plaque name 'King George III', pulls into platform. King George III is pulled by another engine. These two trains pass by. An old gentleman stands on a walk way looking down the train. A woman walks past the camera.

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