Film: 1581

Politics | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Edward Murrow (?) on McCarthy witchhunts and Eisenhower. Ike speech and analysis of McCarthy's speeches.

Oct 3rd 1952 speech by Eisenhower and how he would combat Communism if elected. Senator McCarthy sets out what he would do if elected.
McCarthy filmed in convseration with various men. Senator McCarthy's allies speak about smear campaigns against him in a 1951 speech. McCarthy then takes the podium and speaks emotionally.
Another McCarthy speech responding to Communist conspiracy. He stands in front of a painting of George Washington.
Secretary Robert Stevens explains the agreement he entered into with McCarthy.
Further speech by McCarthy defending his position on outsing Communism.
Presenter talks through a series of damming headlines about how McCarthy is handling the communist threat, as they appear in left-wing papers. Newspapers held up to camera include Chicago Tribune, NY Times, Times Herald Washington, Herald Tribune NY, Milwaukee Journal, Evening Star Washington. NY World Telegram and St Louis Post.
McCarthy responds to army cover up. Presenter talks about McCarthy's allegations of "reds" in the US army and refers verbally to more newspaper headlines.

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