Film: 1584

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | Colour


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The uses of gas in the home and industry, gas by-products as well.

A large furnace and pouring hot metals, heavy industry scene with a team of men operating. A family sitting room, the wife reads in a sofa, the husband writes and smokes, sitting in an armchair lit by a standard light, the furniture is typical art deco in style and there is a large vase of red flowers and a white telephone. Husband gets up and adjusts the gas fire in the grate. Shot from behind, back of wife's head and pages of magazine with the gas fire behind. Closer view of the married couple in their living room. A woman on her knees building a coal fire in the grate, she uses a poker and has a coal scuttle next to her. Close up of poker in the fire.

At the gas works, the coke plant, the processes are seen. Coal is heated and the gas extracted. Coke is emptied from ovens into coal truck for cooling. Different coke plant methods are shown. Gas pipes. The gas is then cooled and purified. On a small scale, it is shown how the tar is extracted into a beaker. The tar separates out being heavier. A man shovels ammonia sulphate with a shovel. More factory shots. Gas then transferred to the gas holders. A groovy 40's flow chart graphic showing all of this.

Tar ; road engineer operates and tar spraying, asphalt road surface. A large drum of sheep dip in close up, few sheep run around behind. A bottle of creosote. Farmer paints a five bar gate with it. Close up of antiseptic poured into a bowl of water. A nurse in large nurse's cap in a ward of a hospital with a boy in bed next to her, she hands him a tablet and glass of water. Close up of a bottle of DDT ( D.D.T ) and a sprayer. " which saved the world from Typhus".

Two men screen printing with colour dyes. A woman wraps a head scarf around her head. Plastics factory, blue rubber sheets are rolled. Painted finger nails switch off a table lamp. A man and woman sit at a table, she pours out drinks. Woman in a kitchen, measures and mixes in a bowl. Woman wearing a pink dressing gown, in the bedroom puts on her stockings. She then sits at her dressing table and sprays on perfume.
Man bag up in sacks sulphate of ammonia as fertiliser. Gardener fertilising lupins. A woman goes to a fridge and gets out a pint of milk. A petrol tanker fills up. Big pile of coal. Steel foundry. Back to our cosy couple in the living room. The housewife in her kitchen, she lights her gas oven, gas stove, and puts the kettle on for tea. She goes to her fridge. Gas holder.

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