Film: 1590

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Chile , South America 1930's
Trams and railway over the Andes in the snow , sheep , nitrate and copper mining , wheat and wine production at Valparaiso , coast and rivers down to the straits of Magellan in a ship , scattered settlements and Indians in dug out canoes and baskets . Men chopping tree and loading timber . Sheep loaded onto a train . Station of Antofagasta . Policeman . Nitrate mining by hand and early pneumatic tipper lorries . Andes . Valley . Wheat and train. Wheat and hay harvesting . Vineyards grapes and bullock carts . Wine barrels and cowboys then to Santiago . Carts and cars . Rich people at museum art class . Valparaiso trams , donkeys. Rail across the Andes , train snow plough . The Christ of the Andes .

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