Film: 1601

Politics | 1910 | Sound | B/W


This is a film of events on 3rd of January 1911, when three anarchists gunmen holed themselves up in a house, no. 1 Sidney Street, off the Mile End Road, in East London, known as the siege of Sidney Street.

They had previously shot and killed three policemen. Film starts with teeming crowd being held back by policemen wearing helmets. Man taking photographs can be seen in the background. Cut to policemen standing outside public house on the corner of Sidney Street. A lone member of the Scots Guards holding a rifle stands with them. Shot of another group of policemen standing under shop awning. Cut to crowd being held back in a line by the police. More reinforcements arrive to help their colleagues with the crowd. Closer shot just behind the crowd. Police standing and a woman turns towards the camera. Long shot of deserted Sidney Street and plumes of smoke as shots are exchanged between the anarchists and the police. Cut to police and crowd standing outside a shop. Grand shot of men on roof of the Rising Sun, Public House. Switch to senior police and officials standing in street, from Scotland Yard, they smoke pipes. Another shot of police holding back crowd, then police and Scots guard outside pub. 'Mr. Winston Churchill directing operations'. A group of men are shown on the roof of one of the houses. View of the block of houses of Sidney Street including the one containing the anarchists. Shot of Scots guards in the process of preparing their rifles. Two uniformed nurses are shown crossing the road. Back to the guard outside the pub, now crouched down, peering up the road and eating something. Another long shot of the house in Sidney street. Shots are still being exchanged as the plumes of smoke appear. 'The besieged house in flames'. Shot from adjacent roof of house on fire. 'Arrival of fire brigades from all parts of London and entering the house'. Shot of men approaching and entering smouldering house. Firemen then shown hosing the front of the house. An extended ladder is positioned at the upper windows.

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