Film: 1604

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Haiti to Trinidad , West Indies.
Haiti, launch arrives in port with tourists (?). Streets. Coffee growing, picking and drying. Wheelbarrow. Mules. Villages. Market. Poor.
Porto Rico (or Puerto Rico): Port. Old battlements and cannon. Aerial shots. Streets. Policeman. Bus. Wealthier.
Lesser Antilles: Waves on the beach. Palms.
Martinique: Volcano and people. Street.
Barbados: Harbour. Donkey carts. Bus. Windmill used for crushing (sugar cane?).
Trinidad: Beach. Street with trams. Wealthy people, possibly tourists, going for drive in the country. Pitch Lake asphalt mining. Pick axes and rail wagons works along cable controlled by driver. East Indian inhabitants. Temple. Sugar cane cutting. Good close ups. Oxen and cart. Village. Cattle.
Fishermen bring sails in and stow in boats on the beach.

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