Film: 1613

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Canadian army newsreel from world War Two, war is finished so late 1945 or 1946.

Maple Leaf news, Queen Elizabeth ship sails from Southampton to Halifax returning Canadian soldiers home. Both men and women board the ship up the gangplank. Troops hang over the side of the ship watching the loading process. The band plays as the ship pulls out. Women have their handkerchiefs wildly. Men haul on ropes and a tug boat pushes the ship out from the dock.
Camberley Ceremony. Camberley, England, Canadian infantry on Parade. Inspection of the troops. military parade. A drum from Hamilton Ontario is given to? For safe keeping. The army band. Troops marching to Camberley. The mayor of the town.
Alberta Oil boom, existing oil field equipment, oil derricks, refining plants. Drilling for oil. Dropping explosive charges into the hole. Man pushes down on the detonator. The hole explodes upward. Two men look at the wavy line on a sheet of paper to determine what is under the ground. Unloading a drill. The drill is lowered into the hole. The drill begins to turn. Flames shoot up from the hole and oil bubbles up from under the ground. A truck gets a load of crude oil. A makeshift town on the prairies. A house being moved, following the oil men. A man runs to the outhouse. His wife hangs up laundry on a clothes line. A family drives into town from their farm. Children ride horses into town. Cowboys walk into a store, two young boys stand outside with their hands in their pockets trying to look tough. A sign. 'Louie still makes bum coffee.' A cattle round up come into town. A store keeper runs out the door with a push broom. He gives to a woman on horseback wearing a pair of big sunglasses. Cowboys drink a bottle of beer.
Brems Garden Premier. CWAC entertainment centre. Canadian Women's Auxiliary Corps march down the road with a marching band. In Brems, Germany at Canadian army base. Free tea service, groups of men stand in front of the canteen. The women work hard in the kitchen to make the tea. A woman serves to some people at a table. Two men play pool. Two other men play fooze ball or table hockey. Some more play ski ball, a carnival game .

Army 'Big Four' Opener. Canadian football at Utrecht. Football, with and without helmets. Army versus Air force. Girls on the sidelines jumping around. Victory Bond sellers in coats that read 'I bought victory bonds' with a guy in a top hat. And I didn't on a guy in rags.
'Hold Your Hat!' Holland/ Netherlands.
Troop entertainment, variety show in northern Holland, all divisions participate. Drag acts, female impersonators, cross dressers. Good shots of the men's hairy legs as they can-can on the stage. A guy and a man dressed as a woman dance together. Shots of the band and the audience. Acrobat acts as a drunken sailor, does hand stands on chairs at a café with a black waiter. Man tries to seduce a 'girl'. Close up of his face in lipstick and bonnet. The seducer starts to play jazz on a trumpet and he/she starts to dance badly. Lieutenant Nickling of Hamilton, Ontario on the high bar. Another cross dresser, does a strip tease, looks very lanky in his underwear. Another man dressed up , he is a tough guy, very meaty and fat, also does a strip tease in a rather threatening manner.

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