Film: 1615

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Canadian Army Newsreel.
Holborn military parade Canadians thank people of Holborn for their hospitality, and Canada Day celebrations. RCOC and RCEME ( engineers) march to Holborn town hall. Vincent Massey Canadian High commissioner?) represents Canada with the mayor of Holborn.
The Conservative party leader John Bracken visits wounded Canadian soldiers in hospital. He talks to wounded men lying in hospital beds, usually with foot or arm in a sling. He visit Canadian First division army headquarters in France. As General bracken explains to him buzz bombs.
'Wintersized Jeeps, keep 'em warm' in Italy. Several models of jeep that have used canvas, or wood to enclose them. Soldier put son a bomber jacket lined with fur. Various cars driven down a road.
Holland service station, RCEME workshop, a Ford engine, ( printed on box) is brought into the work shop. Motorcycle repair and charging batteries. Precision metal work on a lathe. Welding on the back of a troop carrier. Blacksmiths hammering on an anvil. Working on trucks, cars, and tanks.
'London dons snow mantle' Snow in London. Soldiers having snowball fight in front of Buckingham palace. Trafalgar square, Piccadilly circus under snow. St. James park. The Serpentine in Hyde Park. Westminster Abbey.
Canada Russia Air highway. Bush pilots. RCEME making runways. US army involvement. Air base in Edmonton, Alberta, Fort St. John, British Columbia, royal Canadian air force base there, Watson Lake,, Yukon territory RCAF base. RCAF base in Whitehorse, Northwest territory, sled dog teams. USA air force base in Fairbanks Alaska. American ambassador to Canada. Russian pilots in Fairbanks as they pick up American bomber planes.

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