Film: 1616

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Canadian Army Newsreel. Late 1945 or 1946.

Peacetime investiture at Buckingham Palace. 21 Canadian Officers awarded medals. Crowd outside Buckingham palace. Major General T, Hoff. Colonel Rankin receives the VSO. Colonel Stockdale, VSO. The Indian VP winners look on. Several of the men light up a cigarette.
Aviation experts meet in Montreal. Arthur McColl from Australia and Mr. A Mckinn from Canada. Provisional Civil Aviation Organization. Lots of men at tables in meetings and committees.
The Canadian Forces Radio Service near Aldershot, broadcasting Canadian Caravan with Jerry Wilmot. Piano player in the studio. Men stand in front of microphones. Also information Joe. The Canadian Army Orchestra. Jerry Wilmot live in the studio in front of an audience. Take me out to the ball game, baseball song. Information Joe asking questions of soldiers to make sure their concerns are addressed.
Danny Webb trains for big bout. Boxer Danny Webb trains to fight Sid Wargan. Lots of shadow boxing. Webb jumps rope. He has a practice bout.
Pulp makes ladies clothing. Use of wood pulp in the making of rayon. Wood pulp makes rayon, rayon cloth being made, a mechanical loom, a woman fixing threads.

Jerries fish for food. Fishing in the north Atlantic. Puling the net up and separating the catch. In Canadian occupied northern Germany, the fishing fleet goes out to feed hungry people.

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