Film: 1618

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Devaluation, close up of pound notes. Foot and mouth. Stockport air crash. Torrey Canyon oil tanker disaster. George Moore on Royal Palace wins the Derby. Foinavon wins the Grand National, pile up at jump 23. Mini Cooper wins Monte Carlo Rally. FA Cup Spurs beat Chelsea. Featherstone Rovers beat Barrow in Rugby League Cup. Wimbledon, Roger Taylor reaches semi final, Women's tennis, Billie Jean King and Ann Jones. Wedding of Princess Margriet of Netherlands. Coronation of Shah of Persia / Iran. King of Tonga crowned. Prince Charles goes to Cambridge. Duke and Duchess of Windsor at unveiling of plaque to Queen Mary. Arab Israeli Six Day War. Moshe Dayan. Vietnam War. United States anti war demonstration. US race riots. General De Gaulle, 'Long Live Free Quebec'. 50th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Premier Kosygin visits Harold Wilson then President Johnson. Gibraltar elects to stay British. Barbara Castle introduces the breathalyser. Canada Expo 67. Sir Francis Chichester sails single handed around the world. First British satellite launched. End of liner Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth II launches the QEII. Concorde rolls out for the first time.

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