Film: 1620

Shipping | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movies.

1. Crane at dock loads cargo into liner - very dark shot. Pan around dock. Long shot of Queen Mary. Close up of prow with name Queen Mary clearly visible.

2. Very scratched extract shot from moving train. Dock visible in distance..
Intertitle: Here is Samaria, 20000 tons. Queen Mary 80000 tons.

Long shot of Queen Mary at dock billowing smoke from her funnel. Tugboat moored alongside her. Queen Mary shot from dockside. People (mostly men in cloth caps) standing on quay. Liner belches black smoke.
Intertitle: Cunard White Star Building

Very dark shot of front of building. White window ledges just visible. Cunard flag flying from top of building. Bus goes past office. Pan up office building to flag. Steps of Cunard office.

3. A house called "Parkside" - close up on sign in front. Close up on "Villa" on gate post opposite.
Intertitle: Voyage souvenirs signed by Sir Edgar Brittain.

Close up on poster or invitation headed "Queen Mary". The rest of the text is about the Queen Mary's maiden voyage on May 27th 1933. The bottom of the letter has a Cunard White Star seal on it.

4. Colour Shot of liner Queen Mary in dock, probably New York. Pan down length of vessel. Camera faces the bow of Queen Mary (shot from small boat ?) Pan around dock.

5. Intertitle: To the Queen Mary Good Luck

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