Film: 1625

Farming + Rural Life | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Sheep farming in the 1930s. Amateur home movie.
shearing and dipping for the wool industry

Dipping sheep using a paddle to ensure their heads are pushed under in the dipping bath, the man doing this has is smoking. Two more men push the sheep up the race. Closer views of sheep in the dip before getting out up the steps. Two women are seen watching.
Sheep in pens being sorted.
Sheering Shed and men shearing by machine. Fleeces being rolled. Fleeces are then put in a type of hopper and then into a press to form a bale.
The shorn sheep are let out into the field.
Sheep being marked in pen. Sheep being given a tablet or bolus.
More shearing scenes. Mean and a woman grading the fleeces.

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