Film: 1626

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Silent + Sound | B/W


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Newsreel footage about ‘novelty’ inventions, people and sport.

Intertitle: Gas Companies May Object!
Old sol shines as latest fireless cooker. Man in white coat stands outside. He moves some panels - solar panels ? Man in chef’s hat and women look at solar panels. Some meat on a spit being roasted by panels. Chef removes meat.
Intertitle: Embryo Pavlovas - youngsters start early to learn the terpsichorean art (section missing).
Intertitle; Runs on land and water. Mobile boat travels equally well on both. Car boat being eased out of garage. Car boat going down street. Crowds run after it. Says on the side "Powell Mobile Boat". Boat enters water and sails off. Boat enters water and sails off. Boat banks.
Intertitle: Going Way up! Daring aviator takes off from top of auto.
Car with plane attached to roof by scaffold bombs down a runway. The plane, a small two seater light aircraft) takes off and nearly nose-dives.
Intertitle: mechanical Gate! Propeller does all the work in this new auto flyer.
Close up of propeller. Vehicle on runway.
Intertitle: It’s a Twin! Auto-airplane gives practical demonstration. Three-wheeled vehicle (like an aeroplane cockpit without wings on a road in traffic. Drives into hangar. Wings attached. Squat aircraft on runway and take off. Aerial sots of plane in the air. Plane lands.
Intertitle: Japanese chase evil spirits - walk on flaming fire in bare feet at annual religious rite.
Japanese people in white robes throw petals (?) on to hot coals. They pray by the fireside. Monks in black robes walk on the coals and flames around them.
Intertitle: Steady feet - man without nerves gives city crowd the jitters.
Man walks tightrope across two skyscrapers. Crowd looking up. Man lying on rope. Tightrope walker has woman on his shoulders. The reach the other side.
Intertitle: Looping the flip-flop - what next for a thrill and a bump?
Man in jet-packs (?) gives thumbs-up to camera. He slides down a scaffold track on his back and flies off the end, falling on his face.
2. Intertitle: Jousting comes back: Modern Knights in armour revive medieval sport thrill.
Large crowds in a town square (does not look like USA) watch as man in black armour charges on horseback and hits a dummy. Man in white hits dummy. Third jouster is nearly knocked off horse. Jouster in white dons helmet and charges at an opponent. Opponent falls to ground.
Intertitle: Paris - jousting - a strange scene in the peaceful Seine.
Two gondolas with large wooden tailpieces glide towards each other. Two men with jousting staffs stand on the tail planks. One knocks the other into the river. Jouster in close up. Men in straw boaters rowing. Jousting in slow motion.
3. (Sound) Lots of people walking in a busy French street. One man in a suit (Chas. Chase) pauses at a flower stall and buys a bunch of flowers. He eats them. He pours salt on them and eats more. He gets a rail ticket from an automated vending machine and eats it. Chas. Buys a newspaper from a stand and eats it. Chas. sits at a busy outdoor café. The waiter brings over a bowl of matches in boxes. Chas. spoons them onto his plate and eats them while they are alight.
Cut to blindfold boxing match. Four men, all blindfolded and wearing boxing gloves stand in the corners of a ring and box ineffectually at the air. A girl hits one boxer with a padded stick. The boxers meet in the middle and flail about. Girl laughs. End.

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