Film: 1629

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Gallipoli during World War One (real scenes and faked)

British and Colonial Troops involved in naval and occupation activity on the smaller campaigns commonly known as the sideshows, during World War 1. The short film shows the naval, army and some human elements to the conflict.
A war boat, with dazzle camouflage, sails past on a clam sea, with lots of sailors on board milling about; there are smaller boats in the background. A small war boat cuts through the choppy sea at a fast speed. A large war ship on fire, lots of black smoke pours from the ship making it hard to identify. Three ships in a distance, in a row, all with black smoke pouring from them. A large ship on its side slowly sinking into the water. The large ship sinks and rolls over, very fast, there are small dots of people in the water and jumping from the ship as it sinks. The very top part of a submarine moving stealthily through the water. A view from on a ship looking over to the sea and moving fast, the ship drops a torpedo. An object moving through the water leaving spray in its wake. A torpedo hits a ship in the mid distance; there is an explosion and lots of black cloud. A panning shot of four very large war ships on a calm sea, there are smaller boats and hills in the background. War ships docked in front of a busy port, there is a small fishing boat in the foreground.
01:02:19 A pan, from a moving ship, past several buildings, one that is large and has turrets to its side, which are Eastern in origin (Istanbul). A large gun firing from a ship.
An explosion on the side of a foliage covered mountain, at the water edge, where there is a building. Two shots fired from a large gun upon a ship. A small cluster of houses, at the waters edge, gets fired upon, white smoke billows from the area. The large gun on the ship fires another shot. From a distance, a small hamlet of houses at the waters edge and in the foreground to a mountainous area, get fired upon, there is a cloud of white smoke. Two large war ships move across the sea, there is land in the background. Three large war ships move across the sea, they have thick black smoke coming from their funnels. A view from a boat of an arid and hilly terrain. A framed gun fires. Four guns on a ship, with water below, one fires. Two guns on a ship, one fires. Large clouds of black smoke and white clouds on the ground, appear upon the arid and hilly terrain.
Two big war ships, moving forward and firing as they go. More large clouds of black smoke and white clouds on the ground, appear upon the arid and hilly terrain.
02:05:19 A closer view of the large black and white clouds on the ground, upon the arid and hilly terrain. A view from the seashore of the war ships, four plus smaller ones, coming towards land. Two small boats, with men armed upon them, and a large war ship behind them. Smaller boats, at least six, packed with men, moving in the foreground of the large war ship. Five of the small boats, full of men, moving towards the shore. Looking down upon the sea, 10 small boats in the water, all moving in the same direction. A small group of British soldiers, looking relaxed and reading newspapers. Several small boats arriving at the sea shore, being watched by an unidentified person who has a machine gun. Troops climbing out of small boats. Troops moving across the beach, as other troops arrive in boats and get out. A close up of a machine gun firing. Bullets hitting the water and soldiers moving through the water. Troops moving across the beach, as other troops arrive in boats and get out. A very large warship, with a faint mist around it. Troops coming out of door, they move into the light from inside a dark area (inside the ship).
03.01.08 Machine gun firing. Troops running down a wooden gangplank, one solider falls down and the others have to walk over him. A close up of the men on the floor of the gangplank while those alighting walk over them.
A machine gun firing. Whist two men in the foreground hold a rope, several men on a small boat jump off, some are hit and fall over. A smaller boat, where soldiers fall off into the water. A side view of soldiers coming off a boat and swimming to shore. (03.14.15) Soldiers with fixed bayonets climbing up a hill. A soldier beckoning others to follow him. A quick shot of a solider, led down, firing a gun. An Allied soldier falls over.
A wide view of the arid and hilly terrain from which several different clouds of white smoke billow.
Several soldiers, of Australian and British nationalities, including one who has had an arm amputated, walk down some steps in front of a grey looking building, where they stand and talk together. A closer shot of the soldiers talking and laughing together.
A view of the arid and hilly terrain, where five soldiers walk slowly across it towards several wooden crosses. The wooden crosses in full frame and two soldiers walk into the shot and look at the inscription on cross in the centre.

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