Film: 1631

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie of places around Spain: Toledo, Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, sherry tasting at Jerez, El Chorro, Granada, Barcelona bullfighting 1930's

Intertitle "At Toledo".
Slow pan across a bridge to a town on the other side. The town is built along a sharp cliff face that leads down to a river below. A man in a hat, possibly a chauffeur holds a 20's /30's style car door open. We can only see the back of the car. To the right is the first part of the bridge. Same shots of the bridge as camera pans slowly across it.

Intertitle "A game of Pelota in Madrid". (A Ball game in Madrid)
Very dark images of three men playing pelota. It Possibly similar to squash? Silhouettes of spectators heads as they watch. Very hard to make much out in this shot.

Intertitle: "At Cordova". (At Cordoba)
Quick, short shots of Cordova town, followed by a group shot of four people. One man and three women. The man wears a suit and hat while the women wear blouses with dot patterns. All three women wear hats. One is wide brimmed while the others wear hats that look 20's style. They are pulled low over their eyes with narrow rims. Slow pan over the town from a high vantage point. Plain rock sculptures obstruct the view form the balcony as the camera pans.
Men and women climb into a car, probably built in the 20's. It has a logo on the bonnet.

Intertitle: "Seville".
Pan across the city from a high vantage point. A stadium is seen in the background. People sit around a fountain in a plaza. Trees surround the fountain. A horse drawn carriage rolls by. Pedestrians walk along the side of a street. Most of the women wear gloves and wear long dresses that end just above the ankle. The men wear suits, some carry hats. People at an outdoor café. Very dark image, possibly of empty chairs at an outdoor café around a plaza.

Intertitle: "In A Bodega At Jerez". (Warehouse at Jerez)
Two large cranes (birds) walk across a well groomed lawn. They are on front of a pavilion. Around the lawn are croquet hoops. Slow pan around the lawn shows men and women socializing in the garden. A man stands amongst hundreds of barrels of sherry (is called jerez in Spain). Some are upright, many are stacked horizontally on top of each other. Young men roll the barrels in front of them. A man dips a long stick with a small tube at the end into a barrel. He pours the tube's contents into a glass and gives it to one of the ladies watching the demonstration. The women all wear dresses and round hats with narrow rims pulled down low on their heads. The man pouring the sherry chats to men and women outside.

Intertitle: "Stop for a Drink"
A crowd of about 20, including men, women and children, pose for the camera just to the side of the same 20's style car. The car is flying a small British flag in place of the emblem. Men and women sit on the low wall of a building while they eat and drink.

Intertitle: "El Chorro" (Southern Spain)
Montage of shots of a river and steep rocky cliffs, a bride crossing the river, cliffs leading down to the river. A man walks to a lookout platform in the middle of a giant rock face: Camino del Rey (King's road). People walk along the side of a sheer cliff face. People walk along a path through a rocky crevice.. In the background is probably a dam wall. An eagle glides above a rocky hill top. People walk along a path cut in the side of a mountain, above a large outlet pipe. Quick pan of probably residential houses.

Intertitle: "Granada. Generaliffe Gardens and Alhambra"
Slow pan across houses in a town. The town is at the foot of a steep hill. The buildings have light coloured walls, are 2 to 3 stories high with sloping "A" roofs. Trees and shrubs grow between the houses. A man stands at the far end of a fountain. The fountain shoots water from opposing jets about 6 feet in the air. The effect is to create an arc of water. Shots of the town. Shots of possibly a vineyard. Very blurry, shot from a moving car.

Intertitle: "On Trek again".
A man stands with 5 children and a woman. Steep steps lead up a street. A plaza pan around shows the buildings that lead onto the plaza.

Intertitle: "Barcelona one Sunday morning".
Slow pan of the city of Barcelona. People walk down a shady street. The women wear dresses down to mid calf. Some wear gloves. The men wear day suits with hats. A flower seller stands at the side of a road.

Intertitle: "Death in the Afternoon".
A large black bull runs in the bullring. Thousands of spectators watch as it turns and charges a matador's cape. The matador lifts the cape and the bull misses and runs to the other side of the ring as if looking for a way out. Two matadors in traditional outfits chase the bull. They wear tight pants, long white socks with ornate jackets. The bull takes a flying leap in an attempt to clear the wall of the bullring but doesn't make it. The bull makes several charges at the matador. In one the matador loses his cape and the bull tramples it. Two matadors on white horses are lead into the ring. The bull chases the matador on the horse as the rider tries to ram the sharp end of a long thin pole into the bull. The bull charges and smashes the horse. Horse and rider fall down. The horse is beaten until it gets up. The bull makes several charges at the matador, A matador stands in the middle of the bullring holding two small sharpened spears. The bull runs around with these spears sticking out of his back. The bull, now with 5/6 stakes in his back makes several unsuccessful rushes at the matador. The bull lies on the ground. Several sticks protrude from his back. Four matadors surround it. The crowd are excited and wave white handkerchiefs. A matador walks up to it and pulls out a spear. The bull puts his head on the ground. Cleaners sweep the ground as the dead bull is dragged away by two horses in special harness. Three matadors acknowledge the crowd. A bull with several spears sticking out of his back makes numerous charges at 3 different matadors.

A river runs through a town. Two men walk up a cobbled road.

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