Film: 1632

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Silent + Sound | B/W


Amusing trained animals. Last section is a nicer study of a baby polar bear in a zoo 1940's

1. Intertitle: Monkey Aristocrat!
Chimpanzee and man hold hands and pay entrance at a country fair of some kind. Chimp and toddler walk along hand in hand. Chimp rides tricycle. Toddler claps. Man grabs chimp and smacks its bottom. Chimp struggles. Chimp attacks terrier dog with a broom.
Intertitle: Lions at home - kings and queens of the jungle radiate kindness - sometimes!
Lioness in small cage with two cubs. She grooms cubs. Lioness picks up cub in her jaw and paces with it.
Intertitle: Dogdom's Aristocrats - for some - a dog's life is great fun.
Man and woman fill up a long line of bowls with milk. They hang out a number of bibs on a washing line.
Intertitle: At the dinner table - 14!.
Puppies in bibs drink milk from the bowls. Lots of puppies feed from the mother, a reed setter. Mother tries to escape. Puppies cling on. Mother runs away.
Intertitle: The Canine Social Register.
Man takes paw prints from a red setter, Chihuahua and St Bernard. Dog sits on top of sign reading "Tail Waggers Foundation" and wags tail. Close up of Airedale terrier. Chihuahua in stupid coat and hat (looks like canine ET) Three boxer dogs.
Intertitle: Bedlingtons look like Mary's little lamb. Three woolly terriers.
2. (Sound) Performing chimps jump on to the backs of small ponies at a circus. Audience applaud. Chimp rides "Bronco" pony and stays on. "Pony Ballet" - chimps jump on and off dancing ponies.
3. (silent) Two chimps wearing dungarees in small boxing ring smash each other's heads.
Intertitle: The Winnah!
Cut to two cats in chained collars fighting in a ring.
Intertitle: An Australian Boxer.
Man and kangaroo box near a tree. Man hides behind tree a lot of the time.
Intertitle: Friendly enemies.
Small monkey (chained up) and dog fight (playing?)
Cut to two women in a garden. A chicken pecks at a small dog's head. Small dog attacks a kitten. Cut to an owl pecking at a smaller black bird.
4. (Silent) A Peak Film Production. A "Gem" Release…Brumas the Baby Bear.
Intertitle: A new day begins for Ivy and her new baby.
Ivy the polar bear and Brumas exit a concrete building (London Zoo?) Brumas climbs rock.
Intertitle: What's going on here?
Brumas stands in water and scratches at a door. Brumas running and rolling over. Brumas and Ivy play-fight.
Intertitle: Where's Mama?
Brumas plays nervously at the side of a pond. Ivy swims past.
Intertitle: Come on in and don't be a baby!
Brumas eventually jumps in the water.
Intertitle; Brumas gets her first swimming lesson. Brumas and Ivy play in the water. Brumas tries to climb out and is dragged back by Ivy.
Intertitle: Which is the way out please?
Brumas swimming. Brumas jumps out and runs around. The End.

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