Film: 1638

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Amateur home movie showing upper class family at Horsham and Crawley. 1930's

A man and woman stand at a race meeting, they are holding race cards. The man wears a hat and glasses and the woman wears sunglasses. A young girl wearing a coat and woolly hat waves a Union Jack flag, a woman laughs behind her. A woman in a group of adults and children waves a Union Jack flag. An older woman in a fur coat and with a hat pin in her hat looks around. Two men in hats look up and down, behind them people are lining up at the side of the race course. In all these shots the people appear to be standing between some sort of wooden barrows. A group of people.

A boy of about 12 wearing short trousers and a jacket walks up to a woman and they walk towards the camera. Panning shot of countryside with a building visible. Shot of a large house or building. A man and woman walk near the building, the woman holds her jacket closed. The same woman puts her arm around the boy and her jacket slips off, they walk towards the camera smiling.

A man in a short sleeved shirt and moustache holds a baby. Another shot of the same. Close up of the baby. The proud father walks along a path in a walled garden, with flower beds on either side, holding the baby. A woman, presumably the mother, carries the baby along the same path, a dog follows her. The dog walks along the path. Two dogs on a lawn. The dogs scamper on the lawn. The woman holds the baby beside some tall flowers. She bends down and holds the baby on her lap and strokes the baby's foot on the coat of the smaller dog. She holds the baby up in the air. Two babies sit in prams. A necklace is dangled in front of one of them, the baby puts its arm out towards it. A woman pushes one pram and beside her another woman moves the other pram along by holding onto its side. Two other women walk with them, one is carrying a blanket or rug. Close ups of the babies in the prams. Shot of both babies in the same pram. In a doorway, two women hold up the two babies for the camera. One baby is holding a toy or rattle, the other one holds the necklace, one baby reaches to the other's face and seems to kiss it, it's quite sweet. The babies sit on a rug inside the house, the camera is at their level. In the background is the bottom of a floor lamp, chair legs and the bottom of a radiator. Various shots of the babies on the floor, dribbling, waving arms, laying down, laughing. Outside shot of the man in shirtsleeves holding his baby. The baby sitting on the sofa. A woman sits in a chair reading the newspaper, she looks down as a dog comes up to her, another woman comes up to her carrying a baby. She bounces the baby on her knee, the baby laughs.

Outside the house a woman holds a baby with the man beside her, now he has a pullover on over his shirt. The ground floor windows of the house are visible. The parents walk across the lawn with the baby. The man calls the dogs and they run up to him. Another woman approaches and kisses the baby.

Panning shot of the house. The mother holds the baby beside the banks of a river or stream in the grounds. Another couple with a baby come out of the house. The man wears glasses and waves his handkerchief at the camera. The two fathers walk across the lawn, one of them holding a baby, with his arm briefly around the other man's shoulders. The man with glasses holds the baby. The other mother holds her baby. The man plays with the dogs.

One of the men lays in the sun on the lawn, a baby wearing a vest, nappy and sunhat sits on a rug. The baby plays with what looks like a glasses case. Panning shot of the house. Another young man with no shirt on teases a dog with his shirt. Various shots of baby, adults and dogs sitting and laying on the rug. House or mansion possibly called O'Dean (?).

River fly fishing in Glenross ? Or Glen Rossal?, Scotland and on a lake. A man and woman walk across the glen. Dog sitting in the water. Various shots of the family fishing. Various shots of the family walking across the grass. They relax on the grass. Three of the men fish from a boat. House at Eglingham Hall (?). Exterior of a large house. A woman stands at the entrance. She sits on the front step with dogs. A man walks out of the house folding up a newspaper. They stand on the steps surrounded by dogs. Inside the house a woman sits on the sofa with a baby and dogs.

A man leads a horse out of a stable, with a groom. He is on the horse. The other man mounts another horse. The two men ride up a lane, one salutes the camera. A man holds a baby so that it can stroke a horse in the stable. He carries the baby, who is wearing a long coat, along a path. They peer through a window. A woman holds the baby's hand as it walks, turning to look at the dogs. The child takes a few steps on his own. The child or toddler is placed on the back of a horse as the groom holds the horse. The child's father walks with him along the path.


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